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Vacuum packaging machinery demand
2012-12-10 by seoer9

The accelerated pace of people's day-to-day work, nutrition and health food rich, enhanced awareness of environmental protection, the future of the food and its packaging is also bound to many new requirements. This includes local conditions vigorously developing vacuum packaging, vacuum inflatable package

Installed and aseptic packaging, such as new technology, new products, frozen packaged organic. Focus on current and future, can confirm the following three types of packaging machines but suitable for the excellent food sales powder packing machine , and candid call it has a long history of development

Dominant model, and the rich and powerful vitality (box) vertical bag forming, filling machines  and sealing machine, horizontal bag (box) forming, filling and sealing machine, horizontal seams wrapping machine.

Thinking to analyze the group technology, commonality and similarity between these three more, helping to unify development, and other various special difference to local conditions chosen. Following a thorough comparison, columns, its main features are as follows:

Packaging materials - are roll-composite films mainly some occasions, the second can be put inside the straw, and the third by putting up a prop ribs accessories.

Sealing type - the second novel issue to many, such as setting tear mouth or tear the top of the line flat seal combination plus embedded box sealed, placed in different parts of the screw cap closures, etc.; another two models monotonous.

Wrapper object - three models match almost everything (usually containing liquid other than steel), but the third limitations.

Send a movement - both to achieve continuous movement to achieve a step-by-step movement. Structure combinations - fully embody the modular junction To, especially the second horizontal layout easier configuration of functional modules (such as vacuum, nitrogen filling), coupled with electromechanical

A high degree of integration, diversity, versatility, multi-function integration greatly enhanced, forming a series of products.

More packaging - the second pattern, such as triangular envelope, four sides sealing bag, double bag, standing bag, box of bricks, roof-shaped boxes, etc.; first ranking Secondly, a third less than normal, usually pincushion bags mainly, some can be made of a cylindrical bag, four sides

Sealed bags. Packaging size - a bag width minimum of 10 mm, bag length can be adjusted within a limited range; latter two bags wide and stepless adjustment of bag length can within a limited range, where a third of the bag length can be up to half a meter or more.



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