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Drum roll pouch packaging machinery characteristics and application
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Different user enterprises bag packaging equipment requirements vary, so the selection of equipment according to the needs of enterprises. For example, products powdered food companies, due to its production of a large amount of a single species, requires the performance of packaging machinery

Stability and speed. First, the longitudinal sealing and transverse sealing completed on the same roller compact structure; Secondly, change the traditional vertical packaging machine vertical way to go film into the tilt angle to go film; Third, and most important use

Gate under the feeder. The generally verticalpellet packing machine packing powder, the powder fall into the bottom of the bag for some trip, then easy to produce Yang powder and clip material phenomenon, affecting the packaging speed and quality. The gate feeder can solve this problem, it's the top have

Gates, deep into the bottom of the bag when the powder falls under the feeder gate gate open, avoid Yang powder and clip material phenomena occurred packaging greatly improved the speed. In actual production, this single roller powder packaging machinery, packaging speed stable

110 bags / min to 120 bags / min up to 150 bags / min.

However, highlight the advantages of roller powder packing machine at the same time, the disadvantages are also obvious, not free to transform the bag length adjustment. Therefore, the enterprises of the need for frequent replacement product variety is not suitable. Currently there are a lot of food companies packaging

Mechanical high degree of automation, the price is reasonable, in order to meet its small batch production requirements of many varieties. To this end, it has two main features: First, the high degree of automation, packaging machine control panel mounted display screen to adjust the bag length and other technical parameters

Number directly on the screen can be completed, the operation is extremely convenient; stepper motor driver relative to the servo drive, the cost is significantly reduced. In this way, both to meet user business requirements and reduce costs.

Drum roll liquid pouch packaging machine is generally a three-stage, the first paragraph of the longitudinal seal heat roller, and the second is a horizontal sealing heat roller, the third paragraph of cooling sealing roller. Third paragraph cooling sealing roller has been hot for the case of transverse sealing, and then pressure

Under horizontal sealing firm, smooth, beautiful, no leakage. This will not only greatly improve the yield of the product, packaging speed reached 120 bags / min to 180 bags / min. Such packaging machine in cosmetics, instant noodles, pesticides and other industries

A wide range of applications.

Drum roll pouch packaging machinery development trend, there are two areas of concern: First, high-end customers hope exhaustion small staff to complete as much of the production task; Second, the low-end of the price is the importance of competition in the market factors, who are able to

With a lower price to complete the same task of packaging, will be able to remain invincible in the competition, which also requires the renewal of equipment, technology improvements. In short, whether high-end or low-end. Only one purpose: to adapt to the needs of customers. Therefore,

End-users in terms of bag packaging machine, the best fit.

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