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Angle-regulate the rational use of the particle machine
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Angle-regulating the flow path of the particle machine, small resistance, under normal circumstances applicable to positive use (installation). However, in the pressure drop occasions recommended angle-adjust the particle machine used in reverse, in order to improve the unbalanced force and reduce the damage on the particle movement, but also conducive to the flow of media to avoid regulating particles machine coking and clogging. Angle-adjust the particle machine in reverse is used, in particular, should avoid the situation a long time a small opening open to prevent damage to the particle movement cause strong oscillation. Pre-production stage, especially in the chemical plant, due to lower load in pre-production, the design process conditions can not quickly meet the requirements, the reverse-angle adjustment particles machine should be avoided whenever possible a longer period of time, a small opening in the open position to Anti-angle adjust the particle machine damage.
Keywords: angle, adjust the particle machine; reverse use (installation); a small opening; fragile
Conditioning systems in the production process automation, adjust the particle machine is an important and essential link, called "hands" of the production process automation is one of the automatic control system of the terminal control elements. It is composed of two parts by the implementing agencies and the particle machine. From a hydraulic point of view, the the Granulosa machine is a local resistance to change the throttling element the Granulosa machine in accordance with the input signal by changing the stroke to change the drag coefficient, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating traffic.
1, angle-adjust the particle structure of the machine with the use of
1.1 angle regulator of the structure of the particles machine
Angle regulator particle machine In addition to the particle body-angle, other structures and single-seat particles determine the characteristics of its flow path is simple, small resistance, particularly to the high pressure drop, high viscosity, containing suspended solids and particulate matter fluid regulation. To avoid coke formation, bonding and clogging phenomenon, but also easy to clean and self-purification.
1.2 angle adjust the particle machine forward and backward using
Under normal circumstances, the adjustment of the angle-particle machine forward installation, that is, the end into the side. Only in the high-pressure differential occasions and high viscosity, easy coking medium containing suspended particles, was recommended to reverse the installation, the material side into the end of the -Angle adjustment particles machine used in reverse order to improve the unbalanced force and to reduce the wear and tear on the particle movement, but also conducive to the high viscosity, easy to coke and medium containing suspended particles flow, to avoid coking and blockage.
Two-angle adjustment particles machine reverse use of profiling
Jilin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. the acetaldehyde devices imported from West Germany, the pv-23404-angle adjustment particles machine under conditions of high pressure drop, it is recommended to be used in reverse. Test the water linkage, adjustment of the angle-particle paste filling machine
 to produce strong oscillations, and made a harsh noise test particle movement after 4h fracture. Foreign experts believe that poor due to the particle movement of manufacturing quality. I believe that is not quality problem but caused by the use of unreasonable. Following the fracture analysis of the reasons.
We know that In addition to the butterfly particles machine and divide particles machine is completely symmetrical in structure, all other structures in the regulation of particle machine are asymmetric. When the the Granulosa machine to change the flow direction, due to changes in the flow path will cause) values. Various types of regulating the normal flow of particles machines are open in the direction of particle movement (forward only) production plant flow capacity) when the normal flow of values ??and flow characteristics. Granulosa machine used in reverse, both the fluid flow along the direction of particle movement off, adjust the particle flow capacity of the machine will increase. Water linkage test, the simulated process conditions can not be quickly reached the normal state, adjust the particle in a small opening in the state machine for a long time, the role of the unbalanced force, there will be serious instability. Therefore, to adjust the particle opportunity to produce a strong shock and made a harsh noise, resulting in particle movement soon broken. Under normal conditions, adjust the machine opening of the granules is moderate, even a small opening is transient, so adjust the particle machine normally safe to use.
3, the conclusion
Under normal circumstances, the adjustment of the angle-particle
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is not recommended to be used in reverse, only the high differential pressure, high viscosity, easy to coke and containing suspended particulate media recommended reverse. Used in reverse, should avoid long-term small opening in the case of running, especially in testing should be noted that



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