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Fault Diagnosis and packaging machine design
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2, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis and modern design techniques
1) user-oriented design. Different from the traditional design for manufacturing, user-centered design must consider not only designed to achieve - and become a product more user convenience and comfort: the seat of the design of packaging machinery operator, a person's height by a regional distribution with the distribution of control system instead of the dashboard, etc.
2) the design object as a time-varying systems. orange juicing machine machinery and equipment when degeneration has two forms: one is the continuous change, mainly caused due to machine friction, wear, fatigue and operating conditions change; another step changes, mainly due to maintenance and media to change the cause. Therefore, the design must consider two questions: First, how to timely report to the user state change information to grasp changes in the law, and obtain knowledge to improve the design, update products, improve the competitiveness of our products. This requires that the equipment must have testability, in order to timely and accurately determine its working status and isolate its internal fault.
3) green design. Also known as eco-design, environmentally conscious design, different from the start from the functional and assurance in intensity, to meet and solve the problem as the starting point of traditional design based on environmental and resource protection as the core of a new product design design methods. The green design of construction machinery, including the following aspects. First, emission control, development of clean energy; Second, the vibration and noise reduction to improve the comfort of the operating environment; Third, to enhance the sealing technology to prevent the disclosure occurred; Fourth, the function and appearance combining to create a green vision environment. In addition, you must also consider the problem of the machine after retirement account processing and recycling. In short, the green design of construction machinery, material selection, product structure, process, appearance and color with in accordance with certain laws, to take art to be clever fusion process, fully embodies the true harmony of man - machine - environment system and unity.
In short, the traditional design to reborn mainly consider the product's features and manufacturing, and modern design to consider the product manufacturing, use, maintenance, the entire process and the impact on the environment.
In the design of packaging machinery, such as IT packaging equipment, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis systems have become an essential sub-functional structure. Have a status monitoring and diagnosis system, you can at any time to distant users report status changes, so that users can easily understand and master the changes in the state of the machine; have a status monitoring and diagnosis system, it is easy to research the machine manufacturer change information, and master the changes the law, from access to knowledge, improve or update products, improve product; With condition monitoring and diagnostic systems, can correctly determine the state of the machine, to provide guidance for the maintenance, predictive maintenance and reliable scientific basis; have state monitoring and diagnosis system, to make the machine run state from the current passive surveillance prevention to develop into active control. Therefore, the increase of state monitoring and diagnosis system has become an important way to obtain information essential in the design of packaging machinery.
A new connotations of 3, condition monitoring and diagnostic system
1) directly involved in the maintenance and management. With the growth of large-scale and complexity of packaging machinery and equipment, the product has been reliability, integrated oil press referred to an unprecedented height. Condition monitoring diagnostic system that reflects the equipment testability, and maintainability and reliability are closely related, because the test equipment can reduce the fault monitoring and diagnosis time, thereby reducing maintenance time and improve the quality of maintenance, and improve maintainability ; the same time, any detected failure will directly affect the reliability of equipment operation, and the test can help operating managers to detect failures in a timely manner, troubleshooting, thereby increasing the reliability of the use of equipment; to predict maintenance instead of planned maintenance is the development trend of modern equipment management, status monitoring and diagnosis is the basis for predictive maintenance. Therefore, the development of an integrated monitoring and diagnosis and repair forecasting system, will monitor the diagnosis and maintenance management integration is an important direction for the development of condition monitoring fault diagnosis system.
2) the progressive realization of control functions. The diagnosis of the traditional condition monitoring is only responsible for reporting mechanical status and failures to deal with than monitoring the diagnostic task. General mechanical state differential to a certain extent in order to stop processing. Important packaging machinery, downtime will mean significant economic losses. Therefore, condition monitoring and diagnostic system is not only a gift to have the responsibility to report status and fault, and should link control functions. This requires the monitoring and diagnosis system is not only high-speed AD converter and data acquisition capabilities, and the handful of highly accurate and reliable control information from the monitoring parameters. Intelligent monitoring and diagnosis, and control the trend of fat people.

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