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oil press market test of the Pioneer
2012-08-03 by seoer9

Oil press after years of market tests, excellent mechanical quality, excellent performance and improve service to win the praise. The oil press in the leading level in China is worth promoting. Ms. Zhang, who lives in Ningxiang County in Hubei Province, a few years ago purchased the press, squeezing camellia seed oil. There are a lot of oil extraction Square, the counterparts of the oil press to squeeze the oil this oil in Hunan local, since he bought the brand of oil press, not only able to squeeze the clearest oil, and oil yield pricey and the machine as usual.
In China, the oil extraction industry has always been one of the industries of our strengths. Beginning in 2003, China's oil extraction capacity of up to 50 million tons of peanuts of the North China, the southern region of the rapeseed oil market supply can meet local, but it was the three northeastern provinces soybeans you need most to squeeze companies need to rely on imports to maintain the production of edible oil, potentially improving the cost of soybean oil extraction.
It also makes similar "brand oil press batch of oil with high rates of high-end oil extraction equipment into sales, purchase popular. Unlike peanuts and rapeseed harvest, the three northeastern provinces because the climate is colder, so the time period of the soybean harvest, harvest less, therefore, the use of soybean oil extraction must be strict control of costs. In soybean prices were firmly in control of transnational capital, most of China, small-scale oil extraction enterprises is caught between the survival of the state, select the oil press oil extraction for these businesses, is the only route to control costs savings.

Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, Mr. Li Yufei told the author, purchase oil press in 2004, the main processing Northeast soybean good results, not only able to squeeze a clear oil, and oil yield is also high, the machine everything is normal, this stabilized market, soybean oil can be firmly occupy the market. Lee to the author in detail, to the wood shaving machine press with multi-stage principle of gradual pressure, increasing the virgin bore pressure to maximize the squeeze, squeeze the grease, in addition to back again in order to avoid extrusion oil dipped dry virgin bore the inside of the cake residue, and the device unique design of the lead tank, the oil, the cake is the rapid separation, comparison of similar oil extraction equipment can be a substantial increase in oil yield, save for the oil extraction companies control most of the costs.
In addition to the hot pressed soybean oil, the oil press throughout the country, after numerous consumers comfortable to use, but also to prove squeezing rapeseed, sesame, peanut, sunflower, flax, cottonseed oil tea seed, pepper seed, pepper seed, corn germ oil expellers of and Tong of plant seed oil crops on the same "energy saving, high efficiency" advantages, and various models of oil press technical performance of the same processing capacity, can meet a variety of scale the production needs of oil extraction enterprises.

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