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Of M2I 5.7-inch blue and white screen in the use on rotary powder packaging machine
2012-12-13 by seoer9

Mainly used for the powder packing machine  of small particles or powder objects, such as milk, chicken, oats, milk and other products packaging, high precision, accurate sequence control weight deviation calculation accuracy.

Most of the domesticpellet packing machine , the control of single precision inaccurate anti dry Rao difference, often hang weight drift and a series of negative phenomena occurred. The MCU cost has been high, help the industry develop

A touch screen, PLC automatic control system, weight sensor control, the actual operation analysis down, the system has a strong anti-interference, high control accuracy, per minute of running 60 revolutions, and greatly improved the production efficiency. Zero drift phenomenon

We increased system zero drift automatically peeled functionality. As well as greatly improving the accuracy of each tank said out (up to one percent)

Process diagram

Object empty irrigation station, between the station 1 to station 2, equipped with the two proximity switches, proximity switches sense when the first into the empty filling, according to a pre-set data, to enter by the conveying line To automatically determine peeled automatically peeled

The case, no filling. Close encoder when the second proximity switch sense of the dial to the station, to the empty filling 2 stopped, rotation of the encoder according to start setting of the pulse, will be expected to give the empty irrigation, the pulse is zero, (next come back when you call back station

Open the encoder), working position from 2-3, in the station 3 is to be within 0.3 seconds the measured weight of the set, and the sample to the PLC, which said out within 0.2 seconds after the value of the set value of the comparison of the weight deviation of the difference between the set, if its value is biased

Large, the waste discharge valve opens, and automatically corrects the number of pulses of the encoder. If the deviation range, after the station 5, automatically qualified irrigation sub sent. The whole calculation, comparison, the correction in the 1S completed.

The difficulty of this control is that the touch screen control how good the load cell, correct sampling data sent to PLC, effective 32-bit computing.


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