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Competitors of the filling machine is the best teacher
2013-02-25 by seoer9

Filling machine enterprises should learn to whom, who is our best teacher.
Speaking of filling machinery products, industry users know best filling machine is made in Germany, while China filling machine is the most of to imitate

its advanced technology, this improvement in innovation, made in line with the national conditions of equipment, then , in the end is what

Supporting Germany advanced.
Try to provide complete sets of packaging equipment, the measures must be in the premise of the request of the customer. Many customers have on the integrity

of the packaging equipment, whether it is from high-tech content or simple paste filling machine . But also just a lack of customers is the production

Line in a device, in order to resources unnecessary waste, the production house or according to the customers' needs and tailor-made equipment.
Extensive use of computer technology to greatly enhance the degree of automation of the filling machine.
People filling machine is now not only limited to the economy, pay more attention to the performance and productivity of the filling machine. Filling machine

for high production efficiency as the profit is far greater than the price of the equipment. China also should vigorously develop the high degree of

automation, the package

Installed production integration, flexiblefilling machines
 . Its best efforts to produce know that the composite enterprise needs filling machine.
To greatly improve the flexibility of the filling machine, mainly of quantity, structure, supplier flexibility. Such devices can either wrap a single

product, the same applies to the bulk of the packaging; components of the machine also can be easily demolished a replacement, a unit

Combinations, different combinations of the respective units to meet different delivery requirements.
Take continuous work and a machine filling machine multi-use, reduce product rejection rate, automatic fault analysis system, filling machine production line

and production equipment integration. This can greatly improve production efficiency, but also greatly reduce the production

In this tradition of excessive development of the filling machine is easier said than done. The ingrained feudal thinking, in some level restricts the

development of our filling machines.


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