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Hydraulic machine introduced
2013-04-25 by seoer9

pellet making machine is a special hydraulic oil as the working medium, by a hydraulic pump as a power source, by the biasing force of the pump through the hydraulic line to the hydraulic oil into the cylinder / piston and the cylinder / piston seal co , the seal of the different locations are different, but have played sealing effect, so that the hydraulic oil can not leak. Finally, the hydraulic oil in the tank cycle through the one-way valve to the cylinder / piston cycle work done in order to complete a certain mechanical action as the productivity of a mechanical.

The hydraulic machine is composed by two parts of the host and the control mechanism. oil expeller host part of the fuselage, master cylinder, the top of the cylinder and the fluid-filled device. Power sector by the fuel tank, high pressure pumps, low voltage control system, motor and all kinds of pressure valves and directional valves, etc.. Power mechanism under the control of electrical apparatus, the energy conversion achieved by the pump cylinder and hydraulic valve, regulating and transporting, complete the cycle of the various process action.

Hydraulic machine classification
Hydraulic machines are classified according to structure
Are mainly divided into: four-column hydraulic press (three-beam four-, five-beam four), double-column hydraulic machine, single column hydraulic press (C-shaped structure), frame type hydraulic machine.
Use classification of the hydraulic machine
Is divided into metal forming hydraulic press, bending hydraulic machine, tensile hydraulic machines, punching hydraulic presses, molding powder (metal, non-metallic) hydraulic machine hydraulic machine, pressing, extrusion hydraulic press, extrusion molding.

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