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the use of the screw press maintenance and troubleshooting
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Screw press due to its simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, suitable for the extraction of a variety of oil, therefore suitable for rural township squeezed Square and the individual processing households mechanical oil extraction equipment is widely used. User during use of the screw press to pay attention to the following questions.

The use of a screw press

screw oil press 
into virgin before dry humidity, temperature should be suitable.

The different of fuel in the into the extra virgin before the you want to to take different treatment method. To

1.2 crush the preparatory work before the screw axis twist to the dead, then step back for 3-4 laps, to ensure the cake mouth a certain gap, otherwise they will be no cake suddenly into the material leaving the body Splitting.

1.3 plate to open the plug, slowly feeding, and observe the cake at the cake, if not, should continue to spiral axis to exit 1-2 buckle; if not a cake, you should stop to check, troubleshooting and then carried job.

Slowly adjust the cake thickness 1.4 open virgin should adjust the cake thickness to 0.3-1.0mm, handling the hand lever to lock the adjusting nut to increase the volume of feed.

1.5 began to squeeze, the body too cold, yield and oil rate is not high, the standby temperature reaches 60-70 ° C (the body outside hot), you can work properly.

1.6 1-2min before stopping to close the flapper to stop feeding the feed inlet and exit the screw 2-3 laps, increase cake gap, so that the residue in the machine bore discharge.

1.7 stop in a long time (lh), the screw axis should be taken out to clear the machine bore residual cake, ready to re-pressed.

2 maintenance

2.1 Work should always check out the cake mouth, if the poor of the cake or stop the cake, you should stop feeding, excluding holding material feed inlet, and slowly exit the spindle, and clear the blockage.

2.2 continue to clear the drain slag to prevent the oil clogging live. Recycling diesel can be back in the hopper to continue to squeeze.

2.3 oil press fails, screw axis when the card is dead, should be shut down immediately, and will insert plate Chasi nesting board opens and immediately reversing the screw shaft exit.

2.4 using various parts of the grease and lubricating oil lubricated regularly.

3 screw press Common Faults

3.1 helix axis suddenly stuck. The to produce the reasons First, feeding to too fast, that the the load the sudden increase of. Second, the oil in the hard shell and dry, the resistance. The third is a cake port gap is too small, the cake circle is not smooth. Fourth, low body temperature. Fifth, it is hard object with the fuel into the virgin bore. Exclusion First, stop immediately, pour the cake residue in the virgin bore. The second is to remove the hard shell, adjust the moisture of the fuel. Third, adjust the cake and gap, and polished the cake ring. The fourth is to improve the body's temperature. 5 is a hard object and pulled out a virgin bore cake residue.

3.2 is unusual screams. One reason for the metal stones into the body. Fasteners loose. The third is, the poor lubrication. The fourth is uneven or excessive cutting. Exclusion First, immediately stopped and cleaned up. Fastening the various parts of the screw. Third, add oil in a timely manner. Feeding should be uniform.

Instability of oil rate of 3.3. One reason for the oil dry humidity inappropriate. The second pressing bar gap is too small or material residue clogging. The third is, the the the the body temperature or the material temperature is too low. Excluding First, adjust the fuel moisture. Two, the is to check the extra virgin the Article gap, and adjust the is is good, dredge the good oil line. The third is to improve the machine temperature or material temperature.

3.4 cake is not smooth, uneven thickness, the surface is not smooth. Causes one out of the cake ring and the spindle cone is not smooth. Second, the virgin snails virgin bore different heart. Adjusted accordingly First, the polished surface. Adjustment virgin snails virgin bore concentricity.

3.5 low productivity. One reason for the virgin snails badly worn. Leakage residue too. The solution First, replacement of parts. The second is to adjust gap or replace the new pressing bar pressing bar.

3.6 Oil cloudy. One reason for the oil expeller is too dry. Second, low body temperature. The solution is to adjust the fuel moisture and improve the machine temperature.

3.7 to take the residue serious. One reason for the pressing bar wear, the gap is too large. Virgin bore pressure is too high. The solution is to replace virgin, adjust the gap, and adjust the cake and gap.

3.8 cake too thick, adjust the hand rotation does not go. The reason is that the thread at slag blocking thread in the debris should be promptly removed.

3.9 feed inlet to the oil remaining. One reason for the pressing bar gap is small, fuel oil content. The second is to squeeze the gap to plug. The exclusion method is to extract oil out of oil gap with due emphasis on the virgin bore clean.

3.10 belt slipping. One reason for the belt is too loose and should be adjusted to the motor base plate with tension. The second is to take Put the oil, should be shortened with and playing with wax.

3.11 overheated bearings, bushings. Its the reasons First, poor lubrication, oil hole blocked that the, should be in a timely manner dredge the the oil line. The second is, the Spindle speed is too high, the installation the different heart. Should reduce speed, check concentricity.

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