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the nutritional value of canola oil analysis report
2012-08-03 by seoer9

Double low rapeseed is low erucic acid content, meal glucosinolate content of rapeseed oil double low rapeseed preparation edible oil press "double low" dishes (seed) oil. Double low rapeseed cultivation of the degree of standardization is not high, despite the large area to grow double low rapeseed, erucic acid content of oilseed rape, although high levels have been more than 40 percent of conventional varieties, reducing to 10%, or even below 10%, but only close up to less than the national standard, usually rapeseed is a dual low, the preparation of oil does not meet the double low standard can not be achieved at competitive prices, double low vegetable oil benefit not highlight. According to national standards, double-low rapeseed oil, erucic acid content in the oil in less than 5% meal glucosinolate content per gram below 30 micromoles.
   Erucic acid is a hazardous to your health, fatty acids, digestible, high intake will cause the blood vessel wall thickening, and the formation of myocardial fat accumulation. Double low vegetable oil may reduce the harmful erucic acid content, significantly improve the beneficial nutrients of the vegetable oil. It was reported that the oleic acid content of low erucic acid rapeseed oil, an average of 61 percent, second only to 75% of the olive oil content. Scientists from Canada, Finland, Sweden, the United States and other countries in recent years, the follow-up study showed that total cholesterol of edible low erucic acid rapeseed oil is 15-20% lower than the conventional diet groups, the incidence of cardiovascular disease is also a corresponding reduction. At present, rapeseed oil has become a more favored by consumers in developed markets, one of the edible vegetable oil. With nearly 10 years of China's edible oil consumption structure orange juicing machine enormously, the proportion of rapeseed oil consumption dropped significantly, while the proportion of the consumption of palm oil and soybean oil rose sharply. To improve the health of our national body, the relevant departments should actively promote the double low rapeseed cultivation, and publicity through the media executive to promote the introduction of the relevant supporting policies, efforts to create a "double low" brand, low erucic acid rapeseed oil and nutrition guide national consumption consumption. At the same time, dual low vegetable oil byproduct sweet glycosides rapeseed meal processing of high-protein feed nutritional value is also high, rapeseed meal is a high-quality feed additives, this new feed feeding livestock, people eat the same on physical health is good, but also beneficial to improve breeding efficiency.

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