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moderate consumption of sesame oil benefits
2012-08-05 by seoer9

Eat of the sesame oil and other edible oil, cooking, soup, salad can be in the deployment of the dish sauce can also be mixed with sesame oil, chili screw oil press, pepper oil. However, sesame oil is good, should not be eaten every day per person is the same no more than 25 grams.
Eat sesame oil preparedness prostatic hyperplasia - This is the chief expert of the Ministry of Health, Health Education, the People's Liberation Army General Hospital of nutrition researcher Professor Zhao Lin, health talks in the Great Hall of the more than 4,000 veteran health care approach.
Sesame oil is also known as linseed oil, experts say, in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the researchers chose a pastoral areas and agricultural areas to inspect the pastoral areas more than 50 years old male resident of prostate hypertrophy, and agricultural area residents sick rarely. The main reason lies in the pastoral areas, pastoralists to eat meat and dairy food, agricultural areas farmers mainly eat plant food. At the same time, in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, local food oil is sesame oil.
Why the residents of rural areas have to eat sesame oil shall not be enlarged prostate? Expert explained, this is because the metabolic pathways and metabolites of the food is not the same. Four-legged terrestrial animal fats contain arachidonic acid metabolism in the human body to the last, on the formation of type 2 prostaglandins and leukotrienes, these two product will make people angry, inflamed, so the meat , contributed to the enlarged prostate; sesame oil containing 48% α-linolenic acid, in vivo orange juicing machine processes to generate a "brain gold", DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), and finally becomes has anti-inflammatory The role of type 3 prostaglandins, so adhere to the consumption of sesame oil to prepare for benign prostatic hypertrophy.

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