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Shrink packaging machine market is hot phenomenon
2012-12-14 by seoer9

Technology matures With color film, color film, shrink packaging to improve product quality, and promote the sales of products, but also to promote a series of packaging machinery, shrink packaging machine hot sales.

Gift products are mostly used in the form of heat shrink packaging. Use two main reasons:

1 packaging various forms, is conducive to the promotion:

Shrink packaging flexibility for different specifications of products, especially the small size of the cluster packaging.

For example: the small size of cluster beer packaging has better flexibility, more portable, and therefore are increasingly favored by the consumers. With the increase of the market demand for beer packaging of the small size of cluster, bottle shrink pellet packing machine will have a greater space for development

Also, cluster packaging is Japanese enterprises the best choice for the emergence of color film to make it shrink powder packing machine again become the darling of the daily chemical enterprises.

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