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operating procedures of the rapeseed oil press
2012-08-01 by seoer9

 (1) clean-up of vegetable seeds drying: the oil plant the rapeseed inevitably folder with some impurities. Into the oil press, if you do not remove entrained in the Sesame fruit, stems and leaves and mud and other debris, they will not only affect the quality of fats and meal, and will absorb part of the oil, lower oil yield. If the sesame fruit there are sand and gravel, metal, rope and other debris, will cause mechanical wear and tear, etc., induce production of incidents, affecting the process effect.
   Therefore, in order to ensure smooth production, we must try to remove impurities, individual high orange juicing machine content of fruit of vegetable seeds to be dried, To Sheller convenience, is also very necessary.
   Cleaned up a lot of specific impurities, a different approach. If the light impurities, such as grass, stems and leaves, you can use the method of winnowing airflow to blow off the impurities contained. If the impurity particles are smaller, by election, to remove impurities. For some size, relative density and rapeseed similar impurities, if the soil block, friction in the mud machine crushed, and then remove the screening method. If an iron impurity electromagnet or permanent magnet line separation. Clean up after the impurities in the following.
   (2) heat treatment (steaming and roasting): Heat treatment is one of the most important processes in the extraction of oils and fats. Heat treatment, including wetting and heating of the green body, called steam blanks or the fried blank, blank called after steaming and roasting cooked billet production. GREEN Where the press after the heat treatment known as hot pressing, and not called by the heat treatment by cold pressing. Rapeseed hot pressed. Good or bad effects of heat treatment on the liquefaction process smoothly and the level of oil yield and oil and meal quality has a direct impact.
   (3) squeeze: Spiral rapeseed oil press is a small oil refinery in rural areas with a very wide range of a small oil press, its simple structure, high pressure, continuous processing of materials, low labor intensity, can be squeezed to a variety of fuel .
    Due to its circular cage bars were jagged curves and cone material in the press, by the virgin snails promote and extruded virgin snails and squeeze cage wall space volume changing in the rear of the squeeze cage due arranged in a circle squeezed, the squeeze cage wall was serrated, billet here by alternately squeezing and relaxing, billet structure constant adjustment to be uniform and flip, not squeeze the powder packing machine or a squeeze oil less of the billet have more opportunities to the full by squeezing. Therefore, the squeezing effect.