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Fried noodle food packaging machine works
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Instant noodles are listed after the bread in the world second largest processed food our global instant noodles production and marketing power. According to statistics, about three thousand of the existing domestic instant noodle production line, annual production capacity of 19 billion package, 222 billion in sales

Coins, on production and sales growth of more than 30%, far higher than the 20.6% of the average level of growth of the national food industry. The data indicate that with the people's diet structure adjustment and changes in diet, and China's sustained economic development

To foodpellet packing machine industry has brought a good opportunity to promote the rapid development of the food processing industry requires a large number of high-quality food packaging machinery, food machinery ultimate role is to improve productivity and product diversification.

2 fried instant noodles production process

Fried noodle production process:

The raw stir, composite tablet hybrid → aging → → continuous tableting → cutting corrugated forming → cooking gelatinization early cold → → cut flavor row → → → → folding frying dehydration → cooling → finished test → bag → finished packing.

This paper describes the instant noodle production line last step: points automatic pillow bag packaging machine works.

Food packaging machine works

1) food packaging machine Overview:

The outcome of the application of high technology, the use of mechanical and electrical integration, simplified operation and control procedures to be the perfect embodiment. Automatic pillow powder packing machine  is widely adaptable, and can be used for biscuits, instant noodles, candy, ice cream and other snacks

Product packaging, and can also be used in medicine, spare parts, textile, light and daily necessities packaging. The total width of the packaging materials up to 450mm, package size in length (95-350) mm wide (10-140) mm (5-70) mm within the scope of freedom of choice.

Packing capacity 30-200 bags / min, the use of power: 4KW. Machine size: 5050 × 960 × 1800mm.

2) the electrical system consists of:

Power supply with three-phase five-wire (or three-phase four-wire) 380V/50Hz power supply, the power consumption of about 5KW.

The host of the electrical system mainly consists of three parts, the programmable controller (PLC) and the speed sensorless vector frequency inverter as the core control part and heating control section.

3) Automatic pillow works

a) a heating system

Connected to the system control cabinet power supply, you can choose to heat. 48-volt heater safe voltage, set the desired heating temperature, usually takes about 20 minutes to reach the set temperature.

b) running speed setting

Programmable controller according to the mode of operation, manual and automatic operation, the the PLC devices at this time on the "POWER" and "RUN" indicator light. After adjustment of the film and packaging (noodle dough), placed in the operating mode switch SA2

Auto "position, the track switch SA3 placed in the" Auto "position, press the start button SB2 the vertical closed solenoid YA1 pull, run the alarm power ring for about 2 seconds, machine for continuous operation.

Host sensorless vector inverter with KV2000 governor. Inverter keyboard mounted in operating control cabinet, the governor of the running speed set by the panel potentiometer R1. Inverter keyboard displayed on the motor speed

. Speed Rpm = (120 x F057 output frequency / F052 motor number of poles) × gear ratio.

Factory, the parameters have been set, users generally do not modify the parameters.

c) pillow pack differential automatic packaging machines and bag length adjustment machinery

d) tracking system

The tracking system is the core of the control of the packaging machine, controlled by the PLC program (see some of the major PLC tracking program), the precise positioning of the system can be based on the size and shape of the packaged goods, using the pros and cons of two-way track to further improve the tracking accuracy

. Found that, while the error of the packaging material in the production process in a timely manner compensation for accurate and correct, avoiding waste of the packaging material. The machine is running, the film marked the sensor constantly detection the film mark (color), while the mechanical

Tracking the location of the micro-switch detects mechanical, the two signal sent PLC, after the operation program, by the PLC's output Y6 (is chasing), Y12 (anti-tracking) positive and negative control tracking motor tracking. Detection tracking number still can not be reached

To the technical requirements, can be automatically shut down for inspection, and to avoid waste generation.

e) food packaging machine on Frequency Control

Food packaging machines used in transmission although relatively simple, but the dynamic performance of the drive higher demand, the system requires fast dynamic performance and high-speed stability, accuracy. Inverter must be considered the dynamic technical indicators, the election

Use high-performance inverter to meet the requirements.

f) KV2000 speed sensorless vector inverter features

1) application speed sensorless vector control technology with automatic tuning function automatically correct frequency in order to achieve a stable motor speed when the load fluctuation effect;

2) has a higher steady speed accuracy and fast dynamic response, transmission control requirements to meet the high-performance occasions. Reducing the time and economic losses due to transmission failures. While eliminating the need for a speed sensor, with lower maintenance costs.

3) has a feature-rich, stable performance, small size, low noise operation.

g) in the in KV2000 inverter peripheral line, in six parts

1) DC braking resistor terminals P + DB external braking resistor R0; make the system to achieve instant secure parking parking;

2), FWD / REV control circuit input terminal for forward / reverse signal, which FWD the Y0 output signal received from the PLC, set the frequency converter forward running; X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6 custom multi-input terminal

Where X1 Y1 jog signal received from the PLC program control output inverter Jog operation;

3) frequency reference potentiometer R1 installation in the control cabinet on the setting, convenient on-site operators according to production needs for speed;

4) control loop output of TA and TC inverter fault output terminal when the inverter failure, the PLC input signal COM, X10, closed process control system alarm and automatic parking.