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Purchase and experience in the use of oil press
2012-06-07 by seoer9
First, the oil press to buy
A good oil press enables users removed from a lot of trouble in the oil processing. The selected models can be processed rapeseed, soybeans, peanuts, cottonseed, tea and other granular fuel. First look at the machine's exterior paint is even the time of purchase, check the machine's parts are you missing a hand and then turn the large pulley, making it rotate a few times, iron and other foreign matter in order to check the virgin bore, whether stuck phenomenon, while paying attention to the gear box gear engagement is normal.
Second, the oil press is installed correctly
Before installation, the oil press to cope with new share to be completely cleaned up. Out of the spindle, shed a squeeze cage, polished smooth outer surface of the virgin snails with emery cloth, inner surface of the screw feeder. All lubrication lubrication, plus gearbox lubricants, its varieties and grades should be consistent with the instructions on the requirements. Circular row of polished smooth, must be the original location arrangement, when installed, can not be misplaced, because the location and sequence of the circular row arrangement of oil extraction performance relationship. Circular row of installed capacity with compression nut compaction, the compaction degree of the disc in oil extraction, peristalsis is appropriate. Oil press after the above processing, you can bolt fixed on the foundation. Tightness during installation, the motor pulley and the oil press pulley alignment, moderately, in the right direction of rotation, the belt should be adjusted to be appropriate.
Third, oil press use
Before using the oil press, the first should be ready for all the assistive devices and containers, check and adjust the belt tight or too loose. And then start the motor, the paste filling machine empty running for about 15min, check the speed of the virgin screw. General speed 33dmin about. Idling to pay attention to the meshing of the gear box gear and the sound is normal, the bearing parts and the motor is normal. The oil press is idle, the motor current should be about 3A. If the current is too high, you should immediately stop and check, adjust and then boot.
No-load normal, rapeseed or soy beans about ready 50kg ready to put into the hopper. Note: The start squeezing feed can not be too fast, otherwise the virgin bore a sudden increase in pressure, virgin screw shaft would not turn in, resulting in the virgin bore clogging even squeezed cage rupture, a major accident. Began to compress the feed should be evenly and slowly put into the hopper, the oil press to run together. So repeatedly, for more than 3 ~ 4h, so that the oil press temperature is gradually increasing, and even to take the smoke (which is normal). Began to squeeze, squeeze bore temperature is low, a slow twist, withered section stud on the handle, increasing cake thickness, while increasing the moisture into virgin billet until the virgin bore temperature. Rose to about 90 ℃, the normal operation of the oil press, can be a cake thickness adjusted to 1.5 ~ 2.5mm, and tighten the nut tightened.
Normal operation of the oil press, oil content of fuel oil are mostly concentrated in the article ranked and the former group of exhausting at. Row at the oil accounts for about 60% of the total amount of oil, the group round row at about 30%; the end of the discharge of oil into droplets is not a line, the oil color is very clear. Squeeze two or three times repeated can be the rapeseed or soy Youzha of do, oily more of diesel during this period can be uniformly doped in the embryo of human material crushing, cutting to maintain uniformity and avoid erratic, otherwise will affect the life of the oil press and oil yield.
Operation of the process should always check the oil press cake out and control billet water is neither too high nor too low. Normal of the cake should be flaky, by the virgin screw side smooth, the other side of the hair pattern. Such as the cake loose and weak, or deformed out of cake, darker color, hand pinch Serve fragments, indicating that the billet and too little water; such as a cake weak, National Cheng Kung University flake, or increase in the oil bubble, said the Minga water too much. Under normal circumstances, the circular row between no residue or very little slag, in the row at the slag, such as the residue was flakes that more water, the powder residue that less water. In addition, the position change of the oil to see whether access virgin water into the squeezed water is too high or too low, the location of oil backward.
To meet the pretreatment process requirements
Material before the embryo into the virgin, must go through the pretreatment process, pretreatment quality will directly affect the normal working of the oil press and oil yield. Different fuel requirements of different pretreatment processes, including the following a few:
A. Clean-up. Of fuel into the processing plant contains certain impurities (sand, gravel, iron, etc.), if not carefully cleaning the oil press internal parts will accelerate wear and tear, lower oil yield, and even cause malfunctions and accidents. Its support of the equipment: cleaning screen, go to the stone filling machines, magnetic separator.
Two. Peel. Shelled oil, peel and then press this can increase the production capacity and oil yield. Its support of the equipment: Sheller, separation screen separator.
3. Broken. Some fats can Zhengliao into the press, but after crushing, flaking and then press can significantly increase the oil yield. Its support of the equipment: crushers, flaking machine.
4. Steaming and roasting. Steaming and roasting oil yield important part of the commonly used method is the first oil wetting, and then dried by the wok, so that the fuel moisture and temperature of the process requirements into the virgin, its ancillary equipment: steam wok. pan fried seeds.