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The concept and application of the 15 packaging machine
2012-06-15 by seoer9
The packaging machine is a machine of a production and outsourcing collectively referred to mainly in two aspects: 1. Pipeline overall production of packaging, used in food, medicine, chemical industry (bags, bottled) filling (add charge ), sealing machine, a code include: liquid (paste) filling pellet packing machine, pillow packing machine, powder, granule packing machine, etc. 2. peripheral packaging equipment for the product produced, the spray (to fight) production Date, sealing, shrink film include: filling machine, sealing machine, inkjet printer, packing machine, vacuum machine, shrink machine, vacuum packing machines and other powder particles, liquid packaging machine: a, vertical bag, the main used in small doses (usually 1-150ml), granules, powder, cream liquid bag-it set of bag making, filling, sealing, code printing, cut the bag one, a higher degree of automation of the packaging machine for packaging of pesticides, veterinary drugs, seeds, Chinese medicine, feed, desiccant, salt, MSG, soup, tea, shampoo, sauces, oils, grease, cosmetics, pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, mask powder, milk powder and other materials. b, the powder particles weighing packaging edible oil press, stand-alone device or with semi-automatic, automatic production line.