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Particle machine of the four low-temperature start
2012-06-24 by seoer9
Low temperatures, the viscosity of the fuel increase to the detriment of fuel atomization and particle machine, lubricant deterioration of liquidity so that moving parts resistance increases, coupled with the impact of the battery work ability and other factors can easily lead to engine start difficult, mechanical wear, reduce power, increase fuel consumption and power performance decline. In order to ensure that all types of construction machinery in cold conditions can be safely put into use, shall do the routine maintenance, it is best to install the low temperature auxiliary start system.
Four common low-temperature startup mode
(1) filling the cold starting fluid
 Cold starting fluid is an auxiliary startup fuel (by the ether, the point of the low volatile hydrocarbons and low pour point oil with additives), low pour point oil with additives added to improve the conditions of lubrication of the cylinder wall to achieve the purpose of start. Ether has a better volatile, easy to ignite and easy compression ignition, so the ether content of more particles straw grinding machine can be started directly lower the temperature, but a gross degree of diesel engine startup, the greater will be. Therefore, the use of cold starting fluid according to a certain specified amount of filling, must not be excessive to join. Such a start method to start the engine in an instant, but the oil temperature is low viscosity, a period of time after the start cylinder wall oil not more than the lubrication conditions, the timing of engine working body for reciprocating movement and will form a dry friction between the rotary motion of the mechanical parts wear intensified; Therefore, the use of cold starting fluid to start the engine should not increase the throttle operation, select the start of this startup mode, to be elected to the atomizer to a good start fluid, and control the injection time, injected into the position and sprayed into the amount. In addition, avoid direct spray from the inlet of the air filter into the starting fluid, so as not to affect the quality of the air filter cartridge and increase the lifting fluid is injected into the amount, causing the engine is cold to start the operation of speeding. According to the above description, it is recommended that caution cold from the liquid.
(2) flame preheat start
 The flame preheating device minimum operating temperature of -40 ° C, the working process for the electronic automatic control. The flame preheating starting device is generally composed by the electronic controller, solenoid valves, temperature and particle machine, flame glow plug and fuel pipes and wires. The working process of the device, the particle machine is heated to 850-950 ℃ connected to the starter solenoid valves automatically open the oil, oil fuel pipe to the particle paste filling machine, flame preheat start using the device to start the engine , due to the oil temperature is low viscosity, a period of time after the start cylinder wall oil not more than the lubrication conditions, the engine operation timing of the body the same form of dry friction between the parts of the reciprocating motion and rotary motion mechanical wear and tear exacerbated; due to the friction generated in high temperature can make the friction surface of molten metal, can easily result in mechanical stuck. Therefore, the use of flame preheating device to start the engine should avoid throttle operation, or easily cause the cylinder accidents.
(3) circulating water heating systems (also known as the fuel heater system)
This is in recent years, new low temperature auxiliary start, this low-temperature startup mode pump accompanying the body of the engine coolant out of heating fuel heater will then cycle to the engine body through the fuel heater. , thereby heating the engine to achieve the purpose of starting the engine in low temperature conditions.
This low temperature start the heating process takes 30-40min, the body temperature of the engine can be heated to about 40-50 ℃, the engine oil can be heated, the oil viscosity reduction, engine lubrication conditions at low temperatures improved so that the engine to a smooth start. The obvious advantages of this low-temperature start, engine start-up performance in cold conditions of low temperature greatly improved is recommended. This type of low-temperature start the plateau ZLG50C loader, TLG210A plateau-type bulldozer, good start.
(4) a warm-up
In addition to the above preheating, but also hot water preheating (hot water heat to the boiling point of injection to put the cooling system) and the steam warm-up method (on the steam through a pipe from the plumbing of the water tank into the cooling system, or directly into the engine cooling water jacket), electric warm-up method (the heater directly into the cooling system or oil, high thermal efficiency of this method, the use of more convenient) and a variety of methods for low temperature starting.