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Plant breeding particle machine operation
2012-06-29 by seoer9

We must first have some knowledge about the function of the feed particle orange juicing machine farms, this is a very important

A basic introduction to particle machine go over after the external components of the particle machine check again, check to see if something is missing.

Plug in the sound of power after the test the rotation of the granules, hear no noise, and then we started to operate, the powder must be dry, and then to work, turn the power, the powder evenly pour the granules the entrance of the machine. In the export place to find a plastic film laying in the ground, to prevent the particles out, stick to some of the soil,

The four corners of injustice will find straw pellet machine after some particles is very large, put on some of the land, which is a very important issue, uneven ground particles would not stop the machine in operation when the Central, East, produced by particles will be very uneven, and even some particles will be mixed with a lot of powder, so that is not conducive to our operations

The time of operation but also according to the particles described in the instructions on the use of machine Note instructions, to prevent some debris into the particle inside, there is wait until the end of our operating, we must put particles into the cavity of the machine to open a clear powder charges the powder, it is very important, because we use the powder particles potato peeling machine

Will be a mix of other powder particles impure, some poultry when the particles resulting in symptoms such as anorexia, it is recommended that we use the particle machine.