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Products developed machinery, new energy-efficient wood pellet machine
2012-07-04 by seoer9

The characteristics of a product
    ● The wood pellet machine (lumber mill) according to the plant according to the needs of industrial production, after years of study design and the invention of wood crushing equipment. Due to reasonable design, compact, safe, durable, high production efficiency, by promoting the use of good equipment package with a motor-driven, low noise, simple structure, compact layout, and lower pellet maker machine, job stability, consumption small, high yield, good quality wood finished, low processing costs.
    2 works
    ● blade cutting and the impact of high-speed airflow for wood pellet machine (lumber mill), the collision crushed a double function in one, and can complete micro-material sorting processing operations. Blade cut shredding process, the rotor speed airflow, cut with the blade rotation, the material in the gas stream to accelerate, and repeated shock to the material at the same time by the double crush to accelerate the crushing of materials.
    (C) The main purpose
    ● wood pellet machine (timber mill) set slicing, crushing, can chip in diameter - 20 cm of twigs and branches can also be used to stalk-like materials of bamboo, grass, corn stalks, sorghum stalks and other cellulosic chip .
    V. of facilities
    ● wood pellet pellet packing machine (lumber mill) shavings equipment, crushing equipment and fan.