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The introduction of the filter press filter plate
2012-10-20 by seoer9

    The filter press, for the design and construction of the filter plate is very important, and play in the filter press equipment partition, separation, diversion, storage, and the role of the crush.
    Industrial production in the filter press filter plate material: PVC filter plate, pig iron filter plates, wooden filter plates, glass filter plate, stainless steel filter plate.
    The most commonly used PVC filter plate cost is moderate, but the new stable, so the the GF use in industrial, biological, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, mining, smelting, sewage treatment and other industries use,

Accounting now share of more than 95% of the market.
    Most durable glass frit adding immeasurable element, the resistance is the most stable, which is mainly used for various areas of high demand, it is to the field of a small portion of the filtering environment. This is mainly the cost is too high, making the oil press equipment manufacturing Chen

Erupted more than doubled.
    The wooden filter cloth is the lowest price, only bad, plus not acidproof, alkali, can not meet today's high temperature and harsh working environment, but also led to the maximum pressure of the filter press by its limit, so the wood filter plate nearly rarely

The apparatus is used.
    Membrane filter press filter plate structure is not the same in some of the specific details of the manufacturing method, and even the same type of filter press equipment manufacturers, filter press filter plate is not the same, but the basic The principle is still there

    The filter press filter plate thickness of between 60 ~ 85mm, a filter plates are square, on both sides of the filter plate down about 40mm internal concave, generally sunken depth of about 25mm, the point also dissatisfied with the high 8mm

Around the protuberances can be circular, can be strip-shaped. Such a role is to make the filter plate in the filter cake produced in the process good contact, thereby supporting the role of the filter cake.
    In the middle of the filtration plate, with an open up the hole, which feed line, generally the diameter of 100mm. Sunken below or around, has a drainage hole connected to the drains, and after filtration of the liquid discharge device. Both sides of the same

's. Between filter plates and filter cloth, filter cloth two is a set of the middle connected to the filter cloth cylinder smaller than the filter plates in hole, so that you can be a good including filter plate.
    There are two types: ordinary filter plate and the borders of the filter plate for plate and frame filter press filter plate structure there are differences, the structure of the filter plate. The border filter plate is used half square mosaic filter plate phase formed. Two filter plates interleaved with made

Plate and frame filter press filter chamber.


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