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Filling machine for the summer bring a touch of cool
2012-12-05 by seoer9

The summer heat was coming, filling machines but this summer has brought refreshing. The filling machine is a subset of products in the packaging machine,

liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powderfilling machines , granules filling machines from the angle of packaging materials can be divided into;


The degree of automation in terms of production is divided into semi-automatic filling machines and automatic filling production line.

Liquid filling machine is mainly used for the liquid filling of the lotion, care solution, oral liquid, disinfectant, eyewash, nutrient solution, drinks,

injection, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, edible oil, lubricants and special industries. Automaticliquid filling machine technology

Process parts, all made of stainless steel, the high balance tank or self-priming pump Filling straight heat sealing and cutting, bag size, packaging weight,

convenient and reliable sealing and cutting temperature regulation, production date ribbon print side seal, back seal, photoelectric tracking .

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