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Edible oil filling machine classification
2013-02-20 by seoer9

Edible oil filling machine can be divided according to the degree of automation, semi-automaticfilling machines and automatic filling machine, stud semi-automatic oil filling machine and semi-automatic pot at the end of filling machines can be divided according to function.

1, semi-automatic filling machine
Semi-automatic filling machine generally with a foot switch, Quantitative → foot to start filling the → Youzui rebound → glib whereabouts → → → put the barrel vacuum suck-back → put down a set of empty barrels.
Semi-automatic filling machine is divided into single and twin, single head filling capacity of 120 barrels / hour (5 liters). Double-headed small package filling capacity: 360 barrels / hour (based on 5 liters).

2, automatic filling machine
Automaticpaste filling machine processes: artificial quantitative → automatic induction bottle position glib whereabouts manually put the bottle → → → automatic transmission automatic filling → → automatic gland → Automatic Coding artificial stocking cap → conveyor Treasury (this process is simply put artificial bottles and artificial discharge

Cover two manual, unmanned filling. )

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