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Domestic bag-making filling packaging machine where poor compared with foreign products
2013-01-05 by seoer9

Late development of China's packaging machinery, and is currently at the initial application stage. 90 years later, the bag filling packaging machine in

China has developed very quickly. By reference to foreign products, digestion, absorption and self-development, development of technically greatly

Improve the measurement range ranging from 1g to 1000g, especially product features and automation has made substantial progress. But currently, most of the

domestic production of bag making filling packaging machine low-tech, low degree of product differentiation, mature product technology is easy to

Imitation and plagiarism, resulting in low-level redundant hinder technological innovation and the development of the packaging machine. Although China may

soon become packaging machinery manufacturing country, but also difficult to get rid of the "brand small country" status. In product technology, and foreign

The main difference lies in packaging machine: low speed, fewer species most domestic bag-making filling packaging machine according to the size of the

different packaging materials and production, generally between 20 to 100 bags / min, most of them for single-row packaging, sealing form generally

trilateral closure

, The four sides of the closure and back seal type. The domestic production of automaticpowder packing machine for stand-up pouches and organ bag. The low

precision powder metering screw filling filling system, filling quantity 100g ~ 1000g, foreign machine measurement accuracy typically <1%. As

Reliability is low due to the particularity of packaging materials vary widely, the flow of materials, different viscosity, some materials but also requires

that the machine has the ability of anti-corrosion, so even if it is the same type of packaging machine, it is impossible widely adapted to a variety of


Packaging, for material must design or using different filling body or a different material. However, some enterprises in order to make money fast in the

initial stage of production, low price-dumping, quality assurance of electronic components, control components or lower raw material

Material, coupled with no standardized processing and assembly process, there is no specific usage transformation lead to the product unstable or is not

suitable for the user requirements, causing huge losses to the user. Low level of automation and intelligence in recent years,

Bag filling machines  packaging machine in China, although the use of the PLC and intelligent control functions of the instrument, but, overall, the majority of low-

level electromechanical control, with data storage, collection, correction function of the machine.