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The principle characteristics and work flow of the beverage filling machine
2012-08-12 by seoer9

The principal characteristic of A, the filling machine for quantitative automatic liquid filling machine, suitable for filling all kinds of oils, such as lubricating oil, edible oil filling. The models equipped with touch screen, frequency control conveyor belt 8 meters, automatic induction sealer

, Vacuum anti-drip device. The paste filling machine has a beautiful appearance, high filling accuracy, easy to adjust, easy to operate features. A man-machine interface, directly set the filling volume; 2, PLC program control, the inverter is linear filling;

Efficient dual-flow rate, high-precision volumetric flowmeter, quantitatively accurate and reliable;, mechanical seal plus vacuum double anti-drip; 5, the first fast, slow filling.
Workflow is equipped with bottles boxes stacked on pallets and sent to unload the pallet from the conveyor belt machine, tray one by one to remove the box with the conveyor belt to the unloading boxes machine, remove the bottles from the boxes, empty containers by The conveyor belt sent to the wash tank machine by cleaning dry

Net, transported to the packing machine next in order will be filled with a drinks bottle into which. Into the filling machine and capping bottles removed from the unloading boxes machine by a conveyor belt into the bottle washer disinfection and cleaning, inspection and by the bottle inspection machines, meet the standard of cleanliness

Machine. The beverage filling machines into the bottle. Stamped seal bottles and drink bottles by capping machine and transported to the labeling machine labeling stickers, ready to label and sent to the packing machine, boxed and then sent to heap trays stacked on pallets into the warehouse.