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Use and performance. Semi-automatic liquid filling machine
2012-08-29 by seoer9

Usage: This series pellets making machine is suitable for food, oil, daily chemical washing liquid and viscous liquid material filling, pharmaceutical,

pesticide, chemical and other industries; not suitable for gas-and particle-containing beverages quantitative filling .
How it works: The filling machine is self-priming filling hose, the hose into the material storage barrel, cylinder pulling the piston rod materials via

self-straw, three-way check valve into the metering cylinder driven by the cylinder piston launch material, material

Material through the three-way check valve, hose, filling head into the container, the magnetic switch control cylinder stroke decide how much of the filling


Semi-automatic liquid filling machine performance and features:
Small footprint, simple operation, easy maintenance, low failure rate.
* Machine made of stainless steel, 304 stainless steel material contact parts to meet the health standards.
· Pneumatic components using brand AirTAC, machine work stable.
· Footswitch jog operation, automatic continuous work, two control modes is more practical and convenient.
· Replace the filling mouth and better able to adapt to a variety of size bottle filling.