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Liquid filling machine with summer approaching popular markets
2012-12-18 by seoer9

Pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machine, liquid filling machine is suitable for a wide range of liquid filling machine filling principle can be divided into the beverage industry in China is a high-growth industry, the stable growth of mature drinks new hotspots and growth points

Emergence of faster growth in emerging beverage. Supporting production equipment will be more and more, and have a significant impact and great market share in the industry in packaging machinery in China has developed into the world's liquid food industry. Therefore, the development of liquid filling machine market has great potential

. Gas-containing liquid beverage filling beer, soda, champagne, the commonly used pressure filling machines , liquid by pressure into the bottle, used for high-speed production line.

Summer is approaching, very long period of time, the domestic beverage market is still optimistic about the prospects for development. The residents' income level, made possible by the continued growth in beverage production and consumption.

With the transfer of the growth point, the traditional mainstream carbonated drinks will be challenged, and bottled drinking water, tea drinks, fruit drinks, functional drinks will be favored by more consumers. The development and changes of the beverage market leading the beverage packaging market

Field rapidly forward to the development of competition and challenges also bring opportunities to the industry at the same time. Experts predict that the beverage market in the next 3-5 years in the development of existing juice, tea, bottled water, functional drinks and carbonated soft drinks and other products

Will be made to the development of low-sugar or sugar-free drinks, as well as natural, milk and other healthy beverages direction. More products, more differentiated packaging has become the trend of the development of the beverage industry, the development trend of the products will further push

Dynamic packaging differentiated development.