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laser applications in the packaging and printing industry
2012-07-11 by seoer9

For most products, the packaging is not only a necessity, but also as a unique selling point, so as to promote product sales. Product trademarks, logos, bar codes, or other markings printed on the product packaging for the packaging industry is very important. Other important applications include the perforated plastic packaging to extend the shelf life of perishable food; or in paper packaging, cardboard or plastic packaging left tearing in advance. Golden Laser engraving cutting machine marking orange juicing machine

The laser engraving technology in the world of packaging and printing industry plays an important role. The laser technology can be free contact printing process, so that the degree of wear of the product packaging to a minimum. The printing process is quite fast, accurate, printed graphics or font is permanent, wear-resistant. Golden Laser industry application solutions

This technique can provide fast, clean, safe and accurate packaging printing for the packaging and paper industry.

China's achievements in economic development has attracted worldwide attention, has the world's most promising markets. With the gradual development of the flexible printed in China, the demand for laser ceramic anilox.

Compared with conventional processing equipment, laser processing equipment has its obvious advantages. Golden Laser engraving cutting machine marking machine

The integration of laser processing equipment, optical, mechanical, electrical integration of science and technology, and computer with high speed and efficient features, In addition, accuracy, quality and finish is far superior to the traditional processing equipment, able to transform and upgrade traditional prepress postpress process link. Golden Laser industry application solutions

In addition, as people increasingly high quality requirements for powder packing machineand printing products, the application prospects of laser processing equipment in the printing and packaging industry will be more broad.