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Power screw press
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95 tung seed oil press squeeze around are different, such as Sichuan Kaixian 2 peel sub-Ren shelled 18%, and Tong Ren crushed after screening for the thickness of the two kinds of fried material 6mm first, the pre-fried and then into the wok to continue to fry the material by direct fire wok, broken jen you do not need to pre-fried directly added to the wok. Into the virgin material temperature of 120 ~ 125oC, water 3%. Squeezed screw spindle speed 28r/min a lot of oil in the 3rd round row at the dry biscuits about 5% residual oil. Tung oil through the filter to the storage; Guizhou Tongren Prefecture grain Branch tung seed injected into 60oC hot water of about 10%, infiltration 72h Tong seed moisture to 20%, then the disc sheller sheller 100kg go shell 22 to 26kg. Divided into coarse and fine broken screen, first under the thick fried material into the virgin fine benevolence fry material temperature 120oC water 2.5%, the fry 110oC. The first and last Tong cake with a hydraulic oil
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 and then squeezed once. Indian River County board paint food stores using this method squeezed tung seeds to 624 000 kg, the average glossy dark green for 34.07%, about 5% of the dry biscuit base residual oil.

Hydraulic type oil press

Hydraulic oil press pressed tung seed with two drain process, the process is similar, and squeeze the tea seed cleaned tung seed drying after sent to the roller or centrifugal sheller machine sheller, winnowing through the wooden windmill tung seed per 100kg the hatched 30kg, Tong Ren into the milling machine crushed derived from the blank powder, steam throwing, cake, squeeze squeeze pomade, remove the head cake is still hot smash, and then fried material, steaming blank to make cakes to squeeze two. Steamed head to 100oC water 9.5% to 10.5%, two powder 100oC and 12% to 14%, and head and said do a double-ring idiot cake, two to do the lap of the grass-free cake. Sichuan, Wuxi squeeze 2WY-100 hydraulic oil press the Tong seed (average dry basis of oily 41.95%) 1003.40t have tung powder packing machine 364.70t (including two oil), oil was 36.34%.



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