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fully automatic peanut sheller
2012-07-30 by seoer9

Automatic peanut sheller peanuts suitable for wet and dry, too dry crushing ratio, screw oil press peanut sheller is too wet to affect efficiency. Any machine in order to extend the service life. In addition to the normal use, the use of conservation is particularly critical After use, the Court Run licensing follow the steps below to take the conservation of your machine after a period of use, ready to store the machine should be cleaned up the appearance of dust, dirt and internal remnants of grain and other debris. small peanut sheller machine covered, placed in dry place, avoid the sun and rain. belt removed prior custody. diesel cleaning ministries, bearing Note: Before use, the Chinese oil press Network peanut sheller low price should check the fastening whether tighten the rotating parts are flexible, each bearing lubricants, shelling machine should be placed in a stable on the ground prior to use, inexpensive automatic peanut sheller use to check the power switch must be in a disconnected position of the motor starts the turn of the rotor and machinery referred to in the same direction to idle a few minutes to observe any abnormal sound, operating normally be uniform feeding peanuts peanut feed, should be uniform, amount not contain iron, stones and other debris to prevent broken peanuts and caused the machinery accident. When peanuts coverage the full sieve, small peanut sheller be open m mouth switch. integrated oil press peanuts should be dry suitable for wet, too dry, broken high, too wet to affect efficiency

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