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Looking forward to the prospects for the development of China's food packaging machinery
2012-11-17 by seoer9

Currently, most of China's food packaging design enterprise scale is too small, "small" is one of its main features, and while there are low cost, backward technology level, easy to manufacture mechanical products regardless of the requirements of the development of the industry, repetitive production industry about 1/4 of the corporate existence of the phenomenon of low-level repetitive. This is a tremendous waste of resources, resulting in packaging machinery market confusion, hinder the development of the industry.
The number of most enterprises annual output value of several million dollars to 10 million yuan, less than 100 million are still many. Each year, nearly 15% of the corporate conversion or closure, and 15% of the enterprise to join the industry, is extremely unstable phenomenon hinders the stability of the industry.
With the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence of a variety of food, aquatic products, food packaging technology and equipment proposed new requirements. Currently, the increasingly fierce competition in the food packaging machinery, food packaging machinery with the industrial automation, and promote the overall level of packaging equipment, the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment.

Mechatronics food packaging machinery

Traditional packaging machinery to use more mechanical controls, such as the distribution cam shaft, and later appeared photoelectric control, pneumatic control and other forms of control. However, with the increasing of food processing, packaging parameters increasing, the control system has been difficult to meet the needs of the development of new technology should be used to change the face of food packaging machinery. Today's food packaging machinery machinery and electronic equipment, machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic in one design should focus on increasing the degree of automation of packaging machinery, packaging machinery R & D and computer combination of mechatronic Control.
The mechatronic the essence, from the system point of view, the principle of the use of process control, machinery, electronics and information, detection technology organic combination, to achieve overall optimization.
Generally speaking, it is the introduction of computer technology to the packaging machinery, application of mechatronics technology, the development of intelligent packaging technology, according to the products automatic packaging process requirements combined into fully automatic packaging systems for production, detection and control of the production process, fault diagnosis and exclusion will be fully automated, to achieve high-speed, high-quality, low consumption and production safety. Can be used for the precise measurement of the aquatic processed foods, high-speed filling machines and packaging process automatic control, packaging machinery structure will greatly simplify and improve the quality of packaging products. The most common plastic bag sealing machine, sealing quality packaging materials, sealing temperature and running speed and so on. Such as change material (material, thickness), temperature and speed have to change, but the change in the number of difficult to grasp. Using computer control, matching the best parameters of a variety of packaging materials, sealing temperature and speed to enter the computer memory, matched with the necessary sensors, composed of the automatic tracking system, so that regardless of which process parameters change, can guarantee the best sealing quality.

Adoption of new technologies, build automation, diversification, multi-function integrated a new system of packaging machinery

Food packaging machinery technology trends reflected in high productivity, automation, stand-alone, multi-function, multi-function component production line, using new technologies. Such as: multi-position bag vacuum packing machines, bag, weighing, filling, the pumping vacuum sealing and other functions can be completed in a single; different functions to match the efficiency of several machines can be combined as a functional complete production line. Use of new technologies related to the packaging method on a large number of inflatable packaging to replace the vacuum packaging to closely combine the inflated ingredients, packaging materials and the inflatable powder packing machine three; in control technology, increased use of computer technology and microelectronics technology ;

Application of heat pipes and cold sealing technology in sealing.
In addition, the combination with the packaging shift from a single technology and processing research progress in the field of packaging technology should be extended to the processing areas, the development of packaging the the processing integrated food processing and packaging equipment.
Adapt to the requirements of the international market, the development and design of green packaging machinery
After joining the WTO, the international packaging machinery industry competition is increasingly fierce, demanding higher green trade barriers on foreign food packaging machinery industry, so, we must change the traditional mode of packaging machinery design and development, taking into account at the design stage of packaging machinery full life cycle (design, manufacturing, assembly, use, maintenance, up waste after disposal process) had no effect on the environment or the impact minimized, low consumption of resources, ease of recycling, "green features" to enhance China's packaging machinery core competitiveness.
Printing ink, including the key raw materials and its supply-side directory should be carried out for the record, in order to supervise and control the mass production of food packaging / container products, so that consumers can buy to ensure safe and secure. Because millions of consumers daily consumption of food, medicines, must be used not only to protect the contents from viruses, bacteria contaminated soft plastic packaging materials, also called soft plastic packaging materials comply with health and safety regulations, avoid packaging material contamination of the packaging of food, medicine, and it is to ensure the health and safety of the food packaging is a priority.

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