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China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry brand is gradually molding
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Chinese food packaging machinery industry was born in a market economy is basically free enterprise combined.
The one hand, China has just entered the market economy in the early 1980s of the last century, a number of small and medium-sized enterprises to leave the

national plan will be at a loss, encountered a great deal of problems, some of the original manufacturing machine tools, agricultural enterprises on the Go

packaging machinery food

The physical machinery development and manufacturing; addition, because the demand is there, some of the private sector is also optimistic about the industry

to find a way out in the packaging and food machinery. In this case, the China Packaging Technology Association of Packaging Machinery Industry Ministry set

up in 1981

Machinery Committee, 1984 to become established Food Machinery Association of China Food Industry Association, September 1989 the two two associations merged

to form the China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association (national level associations with juridical association). This as a

The starting point was really accurate stand food and packaging machinery industry has become one of the twelve sectors of Machinery Industry Ministry of

straight pipe.
Relative to the machinery industry in China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry night for 32 years, so it is an infant industry, of course, rapid

development, but there are also serious deficiencies, mainly in the following three aspects.
Funds, equipment, technology, pneumatic significant differences between enterprises of different origin (state-owned, collective, private), and also the

level of a different starting point. The overall trend is that less of the high starting point, most of the enterprises are hovering in the low-level

devices. Good comparison

Simple automatic sealing machine, a region, there are hundreds of companies in the production scale is not large, has not changed much in the past two

decades, just because of the specialization produced leaving production costs greatly reduced. Of course, greater demand, but because of the unified

The the region substantially duplicate produced, resulting in low-cost fierce competition, a machine more than one thousand yuan can be traded, profit

margins have been very small. There are some products more than a decade faces unchanged (such as small liquid filling machine ), enterprises producing low-

price competition caused

Cut corners, to reduce steel, resulting in wear resistance, erosion function greatly reduces. Some enterprises just behind the others to follow up to see

what kind of equipment to do good, and others to make money on the equipment in imitation of what kind of equipment, without regard to intellectual property

rights, copied each other

Attack, thus causing confusion in the market. One entrepreneur said: "In the past, I engage in new products, each within half a year, some people with do

forced me to hurry is different now, my new high technology content, others can not keep up, I also easily

. '
Recently, a number of export enterprises found some opportunities in the foreign markets tend to herd, so some products to compete for customers while they

kill each other, desperate to bargain, not only unprofitable also suspected of "selling". Shows that the industry is still someone not

Change the concept of the poverty and backwardness of China's past century has led to a "even if the product is simple rough a little, as long as it is

cheap, can make do with line" mentality. To intervene in such a state of mind the competition in the international market will eventually lead to the country

Outside of our products as against "selling" the object of the investigation, when the loss is not a business, but the industry as a whole. Hopefully, the

whole industry should be wary of such malicious competition situation occurs. Low-level repeat is a more easily once the Branch

Technical content is high, the possibility of repeated natural small. Low-level redundant produced due to the severe consequences of disrupting the market,

technological retrogression suicide enterprise, industry damaged.
Because the industry is still an emerging industry, than with the number of employees and the total number of enterprises in the industry, industry, research

institutes, tertiary institutions, the appropriate professional proportion is still relatively small. Even so, later changed to the enterprise of research

institutes, technical staff

Mostly in the struggle for survival, many research institutions mainly to sell products, do not display their own scientific research upwind thrown up a

fault in the application of new technologies. Even if the new research, because there is no ability to promotional, users do not

Know, can not be converted to produce force enterprises forced to rely on their own technology air force to develop new products.
Production and marketing of scientific research out of touch not only cause great extravagance, is not conducive to the technology improves. Some cutting-

edge work, such as ultra-low temperature, high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical fluid extraction, radiation, vacuum technology and equipment,

certain institutes alone and are unable to complete

Urgent need of businesses to invest in funds. Used to promote production, learning and research combined mode can not embody limited research pneumatic also

failed to fully display their role makes a lot of companies are in mutual plagiarism imitation, little improvement has become a production

Products. This type of product in addition to the price advantage in the international market is not competitive. Hopefully, the industry's research

institutes, universities, research resources fully utilized, the use of industry associations matchmaking "marry" the new technology out

To go. Of course this technique to be practical, to have good economic and social benefits.
Food packaging machinery itself is an emerging industry, 20 years is still not enough to form a strong brand recognition, but has consistently adhered to

"quality first" first have the basis of a brand name, plus constantly in the competition is different , high

Exploration of the application of new technologies and cutting-edge technology, famous enterprises and famous products will be gradually filtered out. For

example, beer, beverage filling production line, corrugated board production line, to facilitate surface production line, cup filling machines , wide format

laminating machine, more than 200 liters.

The barrels blow molding machines, BOPP blowing machine, chocolate equipment, homogenizer, of course, produce companies, many famous high sales of large has

shown a significant central tendency, famous enterprises, famous brands is gradually taking shape .
Nearly 6,000 enterprises of the industry in the country, each year nearly 15% of enterprises converting or closed down, but about 15% of companies have

joined the industry, the output value and sales of more than a billion enterprise with only a dozen, the best enterprise output value and sales of just over

10 billion listed companies is just a sales of over 30 million yuan / year enterprise only 50, only 80 billion yuan, the total sales of the 50 companies,

only 20.66% of the concentration, 75% of export products by these enterprises, the future of the industry.

Oriented enterprises in these enterprises. Is expected that by 2005, there will be 100 enterprises sales of over 30 million yuan / year, producing more than

50% concentration.


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