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The use of the status quo of the domestic daily chemical industry
2012-12-05 by seoer9

In recent years, the Japanese chemical industry has been rapid development, the product range is greatly increased, but part of the cleaning products used in

packaging machinery technical level is not very high. Washing powder filling equipment in a packaging technology, the situation can not be

Optimistic. Moreover, the domestic use of bag-making, filling, sealing one-stop filling lines, not a lot, most businesses use a single filling machines.

Liquid cleaning products, personal care products and cosmetics packaging machinery use is relatively good, large liquid lotion products manufacturers such as

Li Bai, NICE use foreign advancedliquid filling machine production line, regardless of

From the production speed and product quality are in the leading position. With the rapid development of the domestic daily chemical industry, machinery

manufacturing technology continues to improve, I believe that in the coming days, more state-of-the-art Japanese packaging equipment in the domestic Japanese

Play a greater role in the enterprise.
The secondary filling equipment on the field was a rapid rise in trend. With the intensification of competition within the industry

And the day of corporate mergers and acquisitions, daily chemical enterprises increased demand for secondary filling equipment. Contraction equipment,

labeling equipment, automatic packing, sealing equipment significantly increased. This is an inevitable trend in the future when

Between secondary packaging technology will play a more important role on the field.


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