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Peanut shelling machine works
2013-03-26 by seoer9

The peanut sheller rack, fan, rotor, single-phase motor, screen (the size of two), into the hopper, vibrating screen, V-belt wheel and its drive V-belt. Machines after the normal operation, the peanut quantitative, uniform, continuous inputs

Into the hopper, peanut repeated blows of the rotor, friction, collision, peanut shell crushing. Peanuts and peanut shells broken rotor rotating wind pressure and blow through a certain aperture sieve (peanuts first threshing with a large hole sieve

Peanuts, cleaning skin fruit replaced orifice mesh a second shelling), At this time, peanut shells, grain by the blowing force of the rotating fan, a light weight of peanut shell is blown body, reach cleaning by vibration sieve screening


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