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The peanut sheller Note points
2013-03-27 by seoer9

With a wide range of applications of peanut machinery, as well as the market continues to application development, peanut sheller has also been widely used. However, many users do not have a good grasp of the correct use of mechanical method

Machinery in use for some time on the problems or mechanical performance and no play. Indirectly caused by the mechanical efficiency of the decline as well as the severe impact of the economic efficiency of enterprises as well as social benefits. The

Simple introduction to the correct use of the peanut shelling machine we must grasp, we use the points to note:
One before use must be of a variety of solid pieces of machinery a thorough inspection, including rotating parts are also flexible, as well as various bearing is not enough oil, we need it smooth machinery placed in

On the ground.
Two, before use may also want to check the power switch.
Third, at the start of the mechanical steering of the mechanical rotor and in the opposite direction referred to in the mechanical. We can test under watch to check whether it is normal.
Operation appropriate uniform fed into the peanut fruit, should not contain the emergence of iron filings, as well as stones and other debris.
, Machinery in use for some time, before we stop using it must be thoroughly cleaned as well as the appearance of grime cleanup, including cleanup of mechanical residual particles. Machinery must be stored in a relatively dry

And avoid sun exposure. And we must keep in mind the belt to be removed to be stored.

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