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care and maintenance of the dryer
2012-06-13 by seoer9
The article on the maintenance of the dryer, I have seen many, but not too simple version. The most complete version of Baidu life.  The contents of the above non-professionals is absolutely head. Create a simple version of this small series in. Use simple, everyday words of how to preserve and maintenance of the rotary drum dryer . The full text of a total of six sessions, also commonly known as "Big World, ears".
(1) material: uniform feeding. Not too much too little time on As for the reason you naturally understand. Or you doubt my intelligence.
(2) the use of coal fuel: This dryer, best to spend good coal. Good standard calorific value of more than 6000 kcal or more. Of course, is not as high as possible, after all, also consider the cost factors.
Furnace work: burn thin coal stoker regular quantitative, timely cleaning residue. Conveyor dryer stove occupies a position falling materials to clean up regularly. This is the judgment of a qualified furnace workers the most basic standards.
(4) check. Daily routine inspection of the dryer, daily attention to the sound of machine rotation is normal. Feel the conveyor and link screw is loose, the belt tightness is normal. If abnormal, the sooner the treatment, the less wear and tear on the equipment. Of course, for safety hazards in the production.
(5) night. Here to talk about the maintenance of the night alone. When the night the fire is not wholly clear, exterminate, must be someone on duty, in order to avoid security incidents.
6. Lubrication. Mechanic weekly and monthly seasonal butter to machine parts, oil, and daily attention to the machine is rotatory dryer sounds, such as timely processing. Minimize the device consumes.
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