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The peanut sheller operation methods and considerations
2013-05-28 by seoer9

1 Before use, you should first check all fasteners are tightened, the flexibility of the rotating parts, each bearing lubricants, pellets making machine should be placed flat on the ground.
(2) Before use, check the power switch must be in the open position.
3 after the start of the motor, the rotor of the steering should be consistent with the direction indicated on the machinery. To idle a few minutes to observe the presence or absence of abnormal noise is functioning properly before feeding peanuts evenly.
Peanut fruit feeding should be uniform, adequate, can not contain iron, stones and other debris to prevent broken peanuts and cause the mechanical accident. When the peanuts coverage full sieve, before you open the meter outlet switch.
Peanut suitable for dry and wet, too dry crushing ratio, too wet affect efficiency. Choose the appropriate screen according to the size of the peanut.
Peanut peanut shells increased, the motor moves down, in order to tension the fan belt, increase the amount of hair.
7 operation, the people do not stand in one side of the belt drive, in order to avoid wounding.
After a period of use, ready to store the peanut sheller machine should be removed to clean the surface of dust, dirt and internal remnants of grain and other debris. Machine to cover, in a dry place, avoid the sun and rain.
9 remove the belt in separate custody.
10 diesel clean ministries bearings, buttered dry.
11 should be protected transmission parts and bearings indoor sufficient oil. And regularly cleaning and replacement.

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