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Generic particle of the particle machine machine first show
2012-06-20 by seoer9

    The particles machine Auto Show, FAW-GM light commercial vehicle carrying particles pallet wrapping machine wonderful debut, FAW-GM in the domestic auto show debut.
    FAW-GM President Di Dewei particle machine is put into operation by the production base in Changchun FAW-GM product, not only the heritage of China FAW mature repairer technology, a combination of forward-looking design of General Motors International concept, a full range of GMS to build GM's global quality control system. It will be held in July this year, and has the potential to provide the appropriate modification services, to respond to the provisions of the forbidden line of part of the urban pickup truck.
    Particles machine vehicle than the traditional pickup, 100mm long, can provide users with greater cab ride; carton board high 480mm higher than the traditional pickup 100mm cargo box volume than a traditional pickup 20%, and provides users with more large cargo space. Unique cassava dryer, ventilation, lubrication and cooling technology, making the gasoline particles machine more fully, at the same time, the particle-Cylinder preheating, minus 25 ° C to ensure normal start. Yao Qiong





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