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Rotor spinning machine R 40
2012-07-02 by seoer9

- R 40 rotor yarn has reached a new quality standard. Connector a unique AEROpiecing? Pneumatic process comparable with the original yarn joints, flawless and the performance of procedure identical to the original yarn. R 40 to create is in fact no trace of yarn rolls. Innovative yarn that has excellent quality of this trademark is ComfoRoò.

- While the productivity potential of R 40 has once again been improved significantly. A R 40 machine rotor up to 500 now, even if the peanut sheller is full-length run bar speed of up to 270 m / min, out of the rotor speed 240 up to 350 m / min.

- According to the different needs of particle machine is now available with two, three or four particles the hands of R 40 machine. Unique maintenance station intelligent service concept with three and four pallet wrapper machine palmistry, to ensure high productivity.

- By improving the drive system, the latest R 40 compared to the previous models reduce energy consumption by more than 7%.


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