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The most commonly used particle machine
2012-07-03 by seoer9

With the technological advances in feed machinery has been a great leap forward, no longer feed machines in the traditional sense, not only can be used as feed particle machine can also serve as the straw fuel machine processed into straw coal with the use of straw shredders, work efficiency higher. Developed machinery below the most commonly used feed particle machine introduced.

Ring mold series of particles orange juicing machine
Be familiar with the series of ring die, because a large number of feed companies at home and abroad use the ring mold granulation. Do feed raw materials are refined materials, such as corn, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, adhesion rate, the other before pelleting with steam conditioner, you can advance the role materials play a softening, ripening, in order to better granulation, and the gloss of the particles. Crude fiber such as straw, sawdust, etc., itself bonded to low, it is difficult to shape, and if as a fuel particle, the density of need, so a lot of pressure to achieve the density of the particles, invisible to increase difficult. Ring die pellet mill in recent years, renewable energy only gradually on the rise, currently on the market to promote the fuel particles are evolved to do the feed ring molding machine, they still have a lot of choke disease wants us to improve .
Flat die series of particle paste filling machine:
Flat die series pellet mill in the country is generally divided into two pressure wheels or more parallel pressure roller granulating machine is mainly applied to make organic fertilizer granulation. Fuel particles, although it can do it, but the wear and tear on the machine, thus raising the cost, it does not apply. To solve this problem, on the basis of advanced foreign technology, China developed a tapered pressure round particles.

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