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direction of development of packaging machinery
2012-07-13 by seoer9

German packaging machinery manufacturers and design department has taken many measures to meet customer requirements. Process automation is becoming more a few years ago, the automation technology is only 30% of the packaging machinery design, and now accounts for more than 50%, and extensive use of microcomputer design and mechatronics control. Packaging machinery increasing automation, first, to increase productivity, improve flexibility and flexibility of the device, three because of the complexity of the packaging machinery required to complete the action, the use of the robot. Such as chocolate instead of using robot hand action so that the packaging to maintain the original style.

Packaging machinery automation design has the following two characteristics: first, each robot is controlled by a separate computer. Packaging machinery for the completion of the complex action of the packaging, completed by more than one robot. Operation, enrollment information and monitoring of computer-controlled camera, the robot according to the computer instructions to complete the required action to ensure the quality of the packaging.

With high-resolution capability of the material and thickness of. In the packaging process, the thickness of the packaging materials and material change is not easy for the human eye to distinguish, so often used in packaging machinery to distinguish computer-controlled cameras and detectors. The camera has been developed to self-check and identify the camera images, and displayed on the screen. The current machine in the processing speed can not be changed, should be based on material changes in the future to change the speed, control optimization state, and automatic cleaning, automatic disinfection and automatic cleaning.

Improve production efficiency and reduce process costs, meet production requirements. German packaging machinery to beverage, beer filling machinery and food packaging machinery known for high-speed, complete sets, the high degree of automation and reliability characteristics. The beverage filling speeds of up to 1200 bottles per hour, cigarette packs per minute 12000.

The machine speed is a complex issue, the higher the speed, one-piece lower the cost of production, but the plant area along with it, the failure rate also will increase the efficiency of the anti-make lower, and therefore should look for a combination of two curves. In addition, the motor speed is limited. In general, the speed is increased by 15% to 20%, it will bring a series of complex issues.

In addition to improving the speed, but also try to solve the other channels to improve production efficiency. Such as the use of continuous work or long work. Packaging orange juicing machine works intermittent and continuous, continuous work, it improves the production efficiency; a piece of equipment can also be a number of production lines, producing the same product or several different products, but must improve reliability.

Also can reduce scrap, and provides fault analysis system. Waste caused by production losses are staggering, including product loss and material loss, to minimize waste loss; location and failure analysis system should also provide packaging machinery for sale, modal analysis to find fault or remote diagnosis via the Internet. Packaging machinery in the future to make further intelligent equipment fault finding and troubleshooting in order to reduce the rejection rate and failure rate, so that production efficiency is improved.

Also allows the integration of machinery and packaging machinery. Many products require the production went on to packaging, to improve production efficiency. Such as Germany, the production of chocolate production equipment and packaging equipment is completed by a system control. Both integration is the key to solve the compatibility problem between Fortunately, production capacity.

Adapt to change, designed to have good flexibility and flexibility. Due to fierce competition in the market, the product replacement cycle has become shorter. Such as cosmetics production three years of a change, or even a quarter of a change, production, and therefore has good flexibility and flexibility in packaging machinery, packaging machinery of life is far greater than the product life cycle, so as to meet the economic requirements.

Flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery and equipment is often manifested in the following three aspects: the amount of flexibility. Not only packing a single product, but also the packaging different quantities of products; the flexibility of the construct. The entire device modules, switch to one or several units can adapt to changes in the product; the flexibility of the supply. Can be modular, delivery of each unit together. Such as candy packaging machine on a common basis, the combination of different units, including three feed inlet, four different folding packaging, such a powder packing machine can at the same time packing 8 to 10 different kinds of candy, by a number of robot operating under the supervision of a video camera, directing its action to package what kind of candy you can take what kind of packaging. Product changes, as long as the change program within the camera can, so that the device has good flexibility and flexibility.

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