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use and maintenance of the vacuum packaging machine
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Failure phenomenon

Vacuum pump does not work or there are serious noise, power shortage or fuse circuit
2, the vacuum orange juicing machine reversal
3 IC main point of contact exposure to adverse
4, ISJ normally closed contacts bad one, check the power line or change the fuse
2, the power commutation
3, adjustment or replacement
4, adjustment or replacement
Repair or replacement of the vacuum pump timeout kept ISJ does not work
Up to less than the required ultimate vacuum, vacuum pump oil too little or pollution
2, vacuum pumps, smoke or leak
3, the gas line is not tightly closed
4,2-DT core card refuses to reset a fuel or oil
Cleaning vacuum pump, a new exhaust filter, check the check valve
3, check the gas line, to eliminate leakage
4, repair or cleaning
Vacuum different with or without vacuum bags leak
2, when the heat sealing in a vacuum chamber without vacuum
3,1 DT core seals or magnetic cover seals leak, a new bags
2,1 DT does not work, repair to exclude
3, repair or replacement
No heat sealing a nickel-chromium skin burn
2, the heat seal back to the line loose, open circuit
3,2 C main contacts of poor contact
4,2 C does not work
1, renewal
Tightening, reconnect
3, adjustment or replacement
Check 1SJ normally open 2SJ normally closed contacts are good

Seal strength is not enough
A low temperature regulation time too short
Vacuum adjustment is too short
3, heat sealing chamber rupture

1, re-adjust
2, re-adjusted to ≤-0.08Mpa
3, renewal
Sealing plane is not smooth or corroded a temperature time adjustment is too high too long
2,2 SJ does not work, re-adjust
2, repair or replacement (Find paste filling machine sealing delay long, should be promptly cut off the power)
1,2 SJ of no return air after the end of the heat seal normally open contact with non-performing
2,2 DT does not work, adjustment or replacement
, Maintenance or troubleshooting

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