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Food packaging machinery to move in four directions
2012-07-22 by seoer9


International Packaging Machinery increasingly competitive, industry experts suggest, should be compatible with the industrial automation trend towards R & D technology, human resources and development of more high-speed packaging machine direction of future technology development will be towards the efforts of the following four directions:

First, the standardization of structural design, modular modular design of the original model, new models can be converted in a short time.

Second, the structure motion high precision. Structural design and structural motion control related to the performance of the pros and cons of packaging machinery, motors, encoders, and digital control (NC), dynamic load control (PLC) high orange juicing machine controller to complete, and appropriate product extension, R & D towards high-tech industry, packaging equipment.

Third, the intelligent control. The controller is the brain of the mechanical action command is issued equipment, packaging machinery manufacturers generally use PL C controller, although the PLC are very flexible, but still powerful functions such as computers (including software) owned. Packaging machinery must have a multi-functional and easy to operate adjustment conditions, computer-based intelligent instrument will become the new trend of food packaging machinery controller.

Fourth, the diversification of the mechanical function. At present, commercial and industrial products tend to sophisticated, diversified, Therefore, the paste filling machine machinery market demand for a variety of switching function.

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