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screw press opportunities
2012-08-01 by seoer9

 The screw press is mainly used for the processing of individual home oil press. The product belongs to a kind of hydraulic automatic oil press, production, but easy. Today, the main product is a screw press. Out of the product oil of good quality. Aroma, flavor and high oil yield, mainly in rural areas to do the processing. Oil press is also indispensable to the daily life of oil extraction equipment, the machine easy to operate, easy to learn, safe and reliable, high return on investment, and oil press from climate constraints, north and south all seasons, due to the oil pan The device uses a heating temperature control system, according to the ambient temperature and automatically adjust the temperature of crude oil, in order to achieve the effect of rapid fine filter, so free from the influence of season, climate, all year round crushing operation, is also ideal for farmers to get rich business one of the items.

Screw press working process is the use of the screw axis of the spiral lead shrink or root diameter gradually juicing machine so that the virgin bore the volume of space is shrinking to produce squeezing effect; squeeze the grease from the cracks in the squeeze cage squeeze outflow, at the same time. the residue is pressed into crumbs like cake pieces, discharged continuously from the end of the squeezed axis. Squeeze to take oil nutshell, can be divided into three stages of the feed (preload) above, the main squeeze (the oil), into cakes (the weight and drain) above. Across the country climatic conditions, the real boot to the effect of oil, the machine uses a forced feeding device to feed the average rate of crushing speed, wide crushing peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower, flax the seed, mountain tea seed, cotton seed, pepper seed, walnut, tung seed, castor, almond, etc., a variety of
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