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domestic small filling machine status quo
2012-11-03 by seoer9

with the rapid growth of the national economy, small filling machines market continues to expand, domestic small filling machine has become the strength of

domestic economic growth, one can not be ignored. We all know that our small filling machine started late, growth deficit fundamentally weak, compared

filling equipment with foreign, largely the gap through decades of growth, our small filling machine of course received good scores on the foundation can

perhaps meet the needs of domestically produced, but is still unable to go out of the country. Breakdown of domestic small filling machine enterprise,

manufacturing enterprise is really not a lot of industry, of course, has a large room for growth, product variety, but many manufacturers affected by the

growth of the level of growth is not deposited perfect, most of the business owners to part the few or the situation of the small filling equipment supply

products, able to undertake the entire production line engineering enterprise. At the moment, most of the small filling machine producers, in order to curry

favor with the market demand, but also develop all kinds of all sorts of small liquid filling machine , but most enterprises still just blind target attendant

advanced equipment, do not see the latent needs of the customer psychology produced devices are often divided appropriate market demand.


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