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Innovation as a top priority of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery
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    The clothes make the man, the Buddha by Gold, of course, also has a significant place in terms of packaging for drugs, both to ensure the quality of medicines is not damaged or from the overall appearance and other aspects are very important. Pharmaceutical packaging machinery in

This opportunity will need to be placed in a more important position. This article made a brief description of the situation of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery, and has made two proposals.

    Pharmaceutical packaging machinery for pharmaceutical quality, shelf life, marketing and distribution, use, and cost plays a key role at home and abroad, especially in countries in Europe and the United States, more and more attention to the research and development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery. China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery by

Over the past few years, the rapid development of experience to rely on imports to rely on developed to follow the example of the gradual process of self-improvement, it can be said today is a small peak in the development of the industry on the road. However, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery from the overall point of view and developed countries

Home equipment or there is a considerable gap, such as innovation ability is poor, unstable operation of the machine, the low degree of integration of production away from the pharmaceutical industry, the rapid development of the industrial production, there is a gap.

    With the deepening of the national drug GMP certification, GMP pharmaceuticalpowder packing machine requirements more stringent specifications. In order to meet the production process requirements of GMP, the products of China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment, whether it is in the packaging process, or in the

Use of material has greatly improved compared to the past. In addition, due to the development of electronic information technology, pharmaceutical packaging equipment to automate a major step forward, to truly automated, intelligent production, further efforts.

    To sum up, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery to adapt to the needs of the development of the pharmaceutical market also strengthened from the following aspects:

    , Pioneering research and development ideas

    The Pharmaceutical Equipment is a special professional professional financial pharmaceutical technology, chemical machinery, refrigeration, automatic control, pellet packing machine , manufacturing processes, welding, automation and control, computer use in one. Pharmaceutical equipment, research and development, the idea is to give this

Some related professional throughout the entire process of design validation, personnel engaged in the research and development of pharmaceutical equipment proficiency into account which of three professional and very few people, and single professionals find it difficult to be appropriate in the R & D idea inject these professional elements

. At present, although the post-secondary schools opened to the growing number of pharmaceutical equipment, professional disciplines, but their professional teaching standards are not satisfactory, no basic textbooks, theoretical and practical application of the teaching staff professional level is not enough skill. Therefore, in the

Research and development of new products to innovative ideas to foster multi-disciplinary talents should close contact with the manufacturer.

    Second, the innovative design

    The user-friendly design. User-friendly design is in the design process to fully consider the physiological and psychological factors, pay more attention to product convenience, comfort, reliability, value, safety and efficiency of the evaluation should not be used in the long-term

Process operator causing discomfort and fatigue adverse physiological or psychological.

    Ergonomics is a comprehensive interdisciplinary, now widely used in Chinese medicine product design, product design to pay more attention to the human factor, its ultimate aim is to achieve harmony and unity - Product - Environment. Pharmaceutical packaging design

Prepared as the products in order to reduce the labor intensity should consider the human factor, and the idea should be run through every detail of the mechanical design. Visual effects, such as the level of the operating table, the rationalization of the operating procedures, operator interface

Fruit (degree of generation of the visual fatigue), safety of operation, ease of maintenance, ease of adjustment and the like.

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers due to various factors on the pharmaceuticals relatively frequent replacement, a model of packaging equipment can not only be used for the packaging of a product. Morphology of different drugs, different characteristics, even if the same packaging technology, will be involved in

Different mold, different feeding methods.

    Compatibility smaller pharmaceutical packaging equipment on the market today, and not widely applicable, and is usually a one-to-one packaging, even if you can package different drugs, the replacement of the mold is not very convenient. If the packaging step is the same or similar packaging machinery made

One or several standard equipment, made of the need to replace parts of the base unit can be run independently of the body, through the interface connected to the connected machine and host, so that it and the host be a community, in practical applications, according to their need for basic unit body

Own portfolio. If you can achieve this design, both for the convenience of the operator to replace the mold, and can greatly reduce waste, while increasing the flexibility and applicability of the machine.


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