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2011 packaging machine market development
2012-11-16 by seoer9

Time flies, fingertips in 2010 has quietly left us and meet our hopeful in 2011, as the saying goes, New Year, new year packaging machinery in China will also mark the calendar for the past 20 years of glory. Packaging machinery in China in 2010

The most rapid development of the year, the total sales volume of China's powder packing machine last year by up nearly 10 percent. In 2010, his face covered with a smile, we believe that in 2011 China's packaging machinery in the new year, and will continue to force.

Packaging machinery industry in China started late last century, China built its first packaging machine, after the country far behind to catch up, after 20 years of efforts, China's packaging machinery has become a leader in the machinery industry. As

Provide a guarantee, the rapid development of China's packaging industry has been basically meet the domestic market demand, some also exported to foreign countries, foreign exchange created for us.

Although China's packaging machinery industry, the level of the advanced countries, there is a gap, but with the level of packaging machinery in China is accelerating, technology continuously improve the overall level of the multi-function, high efficiency, low-cost packaging machine mushroomed

, Prepared the way to the international market for packaging machinery in China. Throughout China's packaging machinery industry, a variety of food, daily chemical industry, packaging machinery and equipment requirements higher, more attention to food safety issues, packaging machinery and equipment is more and more flowers

Kind of novel to an even higher level of technical requirements, give us a lot of room.

In 2011, the vision of development of many enterprises agreed to invest in direction of contraction diversification. Such as: the development of a collection of product packaging, sealing in one-stop packaging situation. Automatic production lines, such as: filling machines , packaging machine the whole process

The use of automation technology, save labor and improve packaging efficiency, and effectively reduces the risk of manual mistake, it is an ideal choice for large-scale manufacturing enterprises.

The past year, our customers shrinking machine a good response, China's packaging machinery continue to uphold innovative development ideas, constantly expanding to take to continue to bring out the potential in food, medicine, hardware and other products packaging industry.

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