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Beverage industry boost development of liquid filling machine
2013-01-12 by seoer9

Liquid filling machine often used in beverages and wine production process equipment, liquid filling machine filling principle can be divided into pressure filling machine, pressure filling machines  and vacuum filling machine, liquid filling machine has a very broad

Use in China due to the rapid development of the economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, which accelerate the development of China's beverage industry, beverage industry has become a high-growth industry, and the domestic beverage market is mature drinks

Stable growth, and the continued emergence of new hotspots and growth points, to grow faster and some tea drinks with Chinese characteristics. Supporting production equipment needs along more and more, China's packaging machinery and aerospace industry has developed into the world

The industry has a critical role as well as a very high market share in the liquid food industry. Therefore, liquid filling machine market has great potential for development. Beer, soda, champagne and other gas-containing liquid beverage filling, commonly used pressure

Filling machine, liquid by pressure into the bottle, multi-use high-speed production lines.
With the emergence of new growth point, the traditional beverage market has been ruled by the carbonated drinks appear new challenges in the domestic market of bottled drinking water, tea drinks, fruit drinks, functional drinks, etc. will be more and more by consumers

Close friends. The continuous development of the beverage market also led to the rapid development of the beverage packaging market, but the rapid development of the beverage industry to the domestic packaging machinery industry has brought unlimited opportunities, but it also brings challenges. Those in the industry

Predicted that the next three to five years, the beverage market on the basis of the development of existing juice, tea, bottled water, functional drinks and carbonated soft drinks and other products will be made to the low-sugar or sugar-free drinks, as well as natural health drink, milk, etc.

The direction of product development. "A greater variety of products, require more differentiated packaging has become the trend of the development of the beverage industry, the development trend of the products will further promote the development of packaging differentiation.


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