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proper use of a small hydraulic press
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Hydraulic press by the two parts of the hydraulic pressing pellet maker machine, mainly used for cold pressing of the soybeans, soybean meal in the protein is not damaged, can be used to make tofu, soy milk and other soy products, and the remaining residue can be used as feed and fertilizer, its use more widely.
Common Faults and exclusion method as follows.
1, the hydraulic pump pressure is not enough
The reason is:
① oil valve dirt or poor contact;
② press machine, and out of the oil valve plug and seat poor contact or tighten the cause back to the oil;
③ small piston pump wear gap is too large.
The exclusion is:
(1) removable and washable to be grinding, so close together;
The ② grinding press brick making machine, and out of the oil valve plug and seat, so close together or tighten the drain plug;
The ③ replaced with new pump.
2, the hydraulic pump is pumping oil to
The reason is:
① oil network is blocked;
② oil use for too long, the precipitate is attached to the oil inlet valve on the throttle not close together;
③ the fuel tank, the oil is too strong or because of cold solidification;
④ tank fuel shortage;
⑤ hydraulic pump unpaired vacuum.
The exclusion is:
① cleaning oil network;
② replaced with new oil or release of used oil; filter and clean the oil into the valve, and grinding to make it a good seal;
(3) to replace the thin oil, cold weather should raise the room temperature;
④ to the tank, add a little oil;
⑤ Remove the small piston, and then pressure injected into the oil.
3, the pressure gauge pointer can not be maintained, the rapid decline
The reason is:
① safety valve does not seal;
② poor contact and out of the oil valve plug and ball;
③ the pipeline joints and hydraulic cylinder plug is not tightened to the cylinder into the hole;
(4) three links back to the oil valve and the ball is bad.
The exclusion is:
① grinding safety valve to make it fit;
② grinding out of the oil valve to make it fit;
③ to tighten the tubing connector and the hydraulic cylinder plug;
(4) grinding oil return valve.
4, the rocker from the top
The reason is:
(1) the oil valve is poor contact with the ball;
② spring head out of the ball.
The exclusion is:
(1) grinding out of the oil valve, a new ball;
② expand the spring head.
5, Bureau of material
The reason is:
① oil steaming and roasting temperature inappropriate material temperature is too low, pie throwing water content is too high;
② cake blank uneven thickness;
③ loaded pie, stacked cake is not correct;
The ④ squeeze too fast too much.
The exclusion is:
① take the appropriate direction of steaming and roasting, increase above the melt temperature to 85 ° C, moisture content of less than 7%;
The ② confectionery When the cake thickness uniformity;
③ loaded pie, pie bad stack is;
④ appropriate to reduce the crushing speed.
6, the escape of fluid from the hydraulic cylinder and piston clearance
The reason is:
① cup sized up to install the wrong;
The ② Piwan damage.
Remedy: Reinstall the cup and replaced with new cups.
7 safety valve failure
The reason is:
① oil is not clean, dirt sink attached to the contact surface;
The ② spring loses its elasticity;
(3) adjusting screw back loose yet reached the required pressure;
④ often overpressure job, ball valves bumps.
The exclusion is:
① Open the cleaning, such as a valve port, the damage to the valve needle grinding;
② replace the spring;
The ③ re-adjusting screw, so that the pressure of 40MPa;
The ④ reground valves, replacement of the ball and pay attention to follow the rules and operating.
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