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The peanut fruit shelling machine should pay attention to the care and maintenance
2013-05-20 by seoer9
1, peanut fruit shelling machine V-belt drive. A new band in use for some time, due to the pulling force will gradually stretch relaxation should be adjusted according to the situation, each site has a tune tight drawing and tensioner.
On the the peanut fruit shelling machine sieve hanging shaft and all articulated bearing should be promptly check for lack of oil and wear and tear, lack of oil wear should be timely refueling replacement.
, Peanut fruit the shelling machine motor temperature can not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, the bearing temperature should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius, and found that the high temperature should be promptly find out the reasons and the exclusion.
4, peanut fruit shelling machine, when used, should always pay attention to the functioning of the various parts, check all parts of the fastening bolts are loose, if found loose fastening at any time. Especially high-speed parts, such as: the upper and lower fan blades, especially under the attention of the fan blades for wear or breakage, leaf topical reinforcement plate for wear or deformation, such as the problem should be repaired or replaced; sorting screen hanging shaft, eccentric shaft and sorting screen connections, special attention should be checked.
5 clean-up work in the bottom of the screen: the screen at the end of the rub fruit machine (siding) hole timing with a wire brush clean-up, the sieve bottom outlet is blocked, Renhe peanut fruit in the proportion of sieve can not tell, the shelling and slow, resulting in meters two working positions, increased the rate of peanuts broken into the small fruit from the stream direction, the stoner thread fruit machine, need to regularly clean up the bottom of the screen.
6, after the end of the processing season, peanut fruit peeling machine should be a big check. First check the roller shaft, eccentric shaft, the operation of the fan shaft, wear; Second, check the bottom of the screen deformation or cracks; final check sorting screen wear. After the inspection, the damage should be part of the repair, clear the mechanical dirt and residual peanut, tighten all bolts, bearing all the oil, remove the belt, accessory storage, to prepare for the next quarter.
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