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A new press debug method
2012-06-17 by seoer9
How the new press inspection and debugging can be divided into the above points:
Plus clean machine oil or vegetable oil before a pump test, the fuel tank, the upper and lower pressure to move the handle, look at the piston of the oil press increased. If the piston does not go up or handle the pressure moving effortlessly, you want to check the tank valve, and the exclusion of the air in the pipe.
Reliability test of the safety valve, safety valve will be raised to working pressure (top left +5, lower-left +1) MPa, and continuous test five times, the needle valve opening and closing sensitive, each jump valve, pressure gauge reading should be low rated working pressure.
The whole pressure test, test the pressure of 1.25 times the working pressure, check the piston to reach out to the maximum working stroke, the regulator 15 minutes, the decline in value of the pressure gauge reading should not exceed 4% of the test edible oil press; The oil should be no leakage; removable after all the expeller press gauge pointer back to "0" bits, the parts should be no damage to the rod shall not be significantly deformed, moving parts and cable wiring.
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